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by Josh
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Gay/Lesbian · #1155350
This is a poem I wrote about the lives of gay citizens of the US.
Yesterday, we were hiding,  
Yesterday, we were falsifying what we’re made of.  
Yesterday, we were very priding,  
Yesterday, we were with someone we didn’t love.    

Each day is the last time we see each other,  
Each day is the last time we depend on Mother.  
Each day is repeated again,  
Each day we lose another friend.    

Today is the last day I’m here with you,  
Today is the last day you’re here with me.  
Today, we’re no longer ourselves,  
Today, we’re two going to hell.    

Today, we’re just a couple,  
Today, we’re happy and free.  
Today we’re ordering a double,  
Today we are who we want to be.    

Today, we’re being hunted,  
Today, we’re not in the shadows.  
Today, we’re outside those that are wanted,  
Today, we are spat on.    

Today, our love still goes on,  
Today, it won’t be long.  
Today, we are us.  
Today, we are discussed.    

Tomorrow, we think without using our heads,  
Tomorrow, we let our guard down.  
Tomorrow, we are dead.  
Tomorrow, we drown.  

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