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the internal struggle for someone who has turned their back on a higher power
I had to go somewhere
Where eyes couldn't see
The true person walking
The person in me

I hid my face
To others around
Hoping they'd see
A stranger in the crowd

The only eyes
I wanted to view
Were the eyes of the Lord
Not someone new

The eyes of a friend
Would have only brought tears
To my welling eyes
That were frightened with fear

I sang to the Lord
And prayed in plain sight
Begging and pleading
To make it all right

For our bond was broken
I severed it twice
Once I came back
But it didn't suffice

I had done the inevitable
I had placed faith in man
He left the church
And like him I ran

I fled like a dog
Hunting its prey
Cursing the Lord
With what not to say

And here I am now
In the house of the Lord
Trying again
Trying once more

And strangers will look
And get to know me
But faith in the Lord
Is the salvation I seek


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