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Inspiration for the soul, Finding peace among yourself and a high power.
You're an angel of goodness.
You take each breath and remind me why I'm here.
It is with thoughts of you that I am able to rest peacefully.
You are inspiration for the weak at heart, and motivation for the doubtful.
You are once more my hero, awakening me from the dead and praying for my strength.
You are the reason I stand and face truth head on.
You take time and think clearly when I can not think at all.
You sing to me a tune, one that I hear above all distractions, one that I listen to on my way back from darkness.
It is the tune that guides me home.
And you are the singer that never stops singing.
Your infinite power chimes in the midst, rings thru the valleys, bellows thru canyons, and boasts thru blackness.
And when I find the source of this sweet music, I find you. You...waiting... un-winded and never-a-bit surprised by my return.
It is you who has known all along that I shall know right from wrong, for that is a skill, one that you taught me.
And although you may not have all the answers, you have left those up to me, I know when the music plays...and I know it shall guide me home.
Home to you, you my friend.

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