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heartache, abuse, neglect, dark
"where is god"? I thought today
" How could you let her abuse everyday"?
Wednesday, Sunday,
Yes, and some Saturdays too.,
Isn't that what we were supposed to do?
Why didn't they see?
The real face, that layed beneath,
A demon, has invaded our space.
Taking all she can,devouring all good
Until she breaks, your spirit, all of you
Consumed by the demon that covers your face.
We were perfect....
As children, you see,
To protect my brother
I aways did,"It was me..
yes, i did it again".
Strong, full of truth and honor
Loyalty and Love. I thought through Father.
I should have been afraid with horrid fear
We were living in a nightmare...
Mental torture, frozen, in snow
Beating me emotionally, physically too.
Black and horrible blue..
" God,"
" Where are you"?.
I know now why inside haven't grown.
We never had our mother
She left, abandoned us
We were alone.
No pity or empathy,
Please, just a little sensitivity
Healing, with time, i hope to grow
Helping, those with no hope.
Forgotten, left children,
Like we are a disease
No home to call their own..
Fill their hearts full of dreams
Our future kings and queens.
Giving love unconditionally,
That for me, is yet to be seen.
"Couldn't you hear me cry"?
I wanted to turn back time.
Erase these memories
Etched deep in my mind.
Close the portals, forever hide
My soul's hurt with no one to confide
Chapters,filled with my tears
All these years.
When I am old and grey.
And you accept
Hell is for your kind always
Smells, sounds and voices clear
Remind me how I am NOT to live .
All grown up and still seeking refuge
I am ready to leave far from this place
Please, give me peace, a smile to my face
I've lived my life full of shame and disgrace.

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