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Our lives as seasons.

By : Rusty Cason

Winters snow, raspy air, skies of blue gray light.

Warming rays of sun gleam down on snowy winter's white.

I stand a midst this winter scene, a hillside draped in snow.

Songs of thistle sheltered birds add cheer to winters glow.

My nose is filled with scents of pine, within this place of choice.

While Winter whispers to me in with a strong but patient voice.

Smoky puffs of breath get whisked away by bursts of air.

Serenity and peace are felt within this country lair.

A frozen pond beneath my feet are also of this scene.

It shines with wet reflection as the melting ice's sheen.

Gently reaching down to touch the ice beneath my feet,

The wet reflected image of my fingers nearly meet.

I feel a strange familiarness surrounds me in this place.

On bended knee I touch the cold reflection of my face.

My thoughts all swept away, my years of past now come to mind.

I face the knowledge of my life, amazed at what I find.

Carried off by dreams of old , and visions set in spring,

I was strong, but still my strengths relied on learning things.

In all our springs, we start out small, growing as we age.

At times in spring, our mind can lag behind our growing rage.

I chose my path and moved ahead, as end of spring draws near.

My growing still continues as I vision summer years.

Summer brought the heat of life, choices became tough.

Effort placed in what I did, seldom seem enough.

Life trials and errors eat me up, still I keep on going.

Summer taught endurance and the strength to keep on growing.

Youth of spring and summer strength now fade upon my face.

Most chances gone, lessons learned, my seeds are now in place.

Long sunsets of summer change to graceful autumn fun.

I bask in life's rewards yet face mistakes that I have done.

Respect and honor both, go to decisions I have made.

I learned from both the good and bad, those things that never fade.

Fall of life brings sweeping change but wisdom leads the day.

Those brazing colors of our lives, now slowly fade away.

My limbs grow weak and feeble in these festive autumn days,
This grandeur of my life is filled with joy in every way.

I sense that time grows short, perhaps I feel a twinge of fear.

Love is what I feel the most as winters drawing near.

Frosty winter winds brought me a chill that I'd forgot.

There I was, still kneeling down on top my icy spot.

Up I stood and gazed around to memorize this scene.

Down upon the ice I looked to see that hazy sheen.

Through the snow and up the hill I went upon my way.

That dream I had stays with me now, I live it every day.

Winter claims your future if you seeds do not survive.

Inside each seed you planted, part of you is still alive!

By: Rusty Cason 11/08/2006

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