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by Keiran
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What do you do when feelings go astray?
The Pull.
What is this feeling in my chest?
It’s like a magnets pull,
Or my heart trying to escape.
It does not physically hurt
But it feels as if it should.
It’s like an emptiness, or a yearning.
Something a can barely describe,
In mere word at least.
It’s a purely emotional feeling.
So why is it stronger when your near?
Is it love?
Is it lust?
A mix of both?
Or something more?
It is slowly driving me mad.
I know I hold feelings for you,
But you will never return them.
Is this the pain I feel?
Why will it not leave?
Its torture not knowing
Why do I feel for you?
When I know it will never be.
But still a shiver runs through me,
Every time we speak.
I think I have gone mad.
Mad with this pull in my chest.

Could it be my heart is breaking?

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