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Who is the man I speak of in this poem?
The Scolding

Pull up your pants, son and act like a man
Do it right now, as quick as you can
Hurry now, before it’s too late
Before the love that he died for, turns into hate

Your savior is watching, from somewhere on high
And he watching you, son, and you’re making him cry
Do not let him down; he died for your love
And now he is crying from high up above

I doubt that he’s frightened by gangs and gang sign
In fact he might pop you, in the ass with his nine
Cause he didn’t die for you and your Bling
He died to save you, your good Dr King

He had, you might know, a doctorate degree
Oh yeah, he was proud of his PhD.
It was the one thing, he said, they can’t take
Cause a good education you know you can’t fake

You must be so proud; it must be fulfilling
To pay homage to him, with your crime and your killing
Trade in your drugs for your education
Trade in your guns for your own salvation

And pull up your pants, son, and act like a man
Set your cap straight; wear it proud as you can
Do it right now, while there is still time
Do it right now, before you do crime

-- Sage
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