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A reporters coverage of the birth of Christ
By Luke of Antioch

      Tucked away in the hills of Judea, Bethlehem has always been a quiet, small town. Recent events, however, have caused the hundreds of believers to leave house and home in search of a so-called “miracle”.
      Two nights ago, witnesses say a child was born on the outskirts of the City of David. This seems like a fairly commonplace occurrence, but some experts are saying that this childbirth was anything but ordinary.
For centuries, religious scholars have spoken of a prophecy that has inspired the people of Israel. According to a young priest, Nicodemus, the prophecy points to a savior, or “Messiah”. “Ancient writings predict that a King, who is to be born in Bethlehem, will arise and set our people free,” reports Nicodemus, “But until now, there has been little proof of the prophecy’s accuracy.”
      Always wary of false claims, skeptics such as local citizen Jacob Iscariot are making their misgivings known. “I just don’t get why this kid is any different than all the other babies born here,” explained Iscariot, “I mean, my sister just had a kid too and she lives two houses away. Why isn’t everyone worshiping on her doorstep?”
      Eyewitnesses, however, provide compelling evidence in favor of the prophetic progeny. “There has never been a childbirth like this,” declared Isaac, a native to the city and shepherd by trade. “I was lying in the hills near here with my sheep. Suddenly there was a bright light and a voice told us not to be afraid. That God had sent a savior, called Christ. The voice told us where to find him and sure enough, we found the child and his parents in a nearby stable.”
      Locals were not the only spectators who beheld the supposed divine delivery. Three travelers who requested to remain anonymous were also present. “We have been studying the prophecy for many years, but we never actually thought we’d see it fulfilled in our lifetime.” The men say that the child was laid in a trough or manger. “It was quite a sight to see. The child’s mother was exhausted but her joy glowed through her face. And the father knelt by her side, amazed at the miracle in front of him.”
      The event that occurred here in Bethlehem has many people from all across Judah making pilgrimages to this now revered site. Most scholars, however, are withholding final judgment on the matter until further information is uncovered. The new family has not been seen since that night, but local officials report that efforts have been ordered by Herod himself to find the alleged Messiah.

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