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An Epiphany with Uncle Freddy
December 25, 1979
Muzzy and Uncle Freddy
Somewhere in Arlington, Ma

Subject Re: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ+

Muzzy: Uncle Freddy your are a UFO ologist and devout Roman Catholic.
            What do you think about the Envangelist' claim that Jesus will
            return in our lifetime?
Uncle Freddy: Muzzy, It's very possible. The Japanese have made great
                    breakthrews in time/dimential physics. As you know I
                    believe all UFO's are encounters with Angels or Heralds:
                    God's messangers. And many of the Bible encounters:
                    Jacobs ladder, the star that led the Wisemen, Jesus'
                    Assension on a cloud into a cloud; can be woven into
                    UFO encounters.
Muzzy: What role do the Japanese play in the Second Coming?
Uncle Freddy: Essentially, the Japanese are the most advanced race on
                    Earth... Even their DNA is more complex. Japanese scientist
                    have theorized that Jesus might have time warped at his
                    assension to sometime not to far in our future.
                    When Jesus returns he will need access to the media and
                    to prove his Divine Messiahship. Miracles might not be
                    enough to sway a jadded public use to special effects.
                    The Japanese could provide DNA testing to prove his
                    linage and unique Divine powers.
Muzzy: You seem to be saying the Jappanese have superior scientist. Haven't
            most of the Nobel prize winners been American?
Uncle Freddy: Listen to me this is not true science... American science is
                    driven by a mistaken western belief that man is the center of
                    universe. Japanese science is zen. Man is only a part of
                    nature. Jesus is zen.
Muzzy: Jesus is a Budhist?
Uncle Freddy: Yes. Papist obsessed with power distorted this very simple
                      thread in the Gospells. Humilty comes from selfdenial.
Muzzy: Getting back to UFO ology is Jesus an exterestrial?
Uncle Freddy: Ha! Is God? Of course this is only theoretical, but is it more
                    probable that Jesus enter a hovering flying saucer at the
                    Assension? Or would you rather believe that he just popped
                    out of history! Ha!
Muzzy: You know I have spoken with many mental health councelors and
            they sudgested that I focus on real life issues and spend less time
            with you...
Uncle Freddy: I hope I haven't cost you much. Ha! When Jesus returns he will
                    find his sanity be questioned by those same pencil pushers.
                    Japan would be a more receptive culture for His Second
                    Kindom... They would immiately recognize the Divine Spark
                    within Him and give Jesus a Dojo.
                    Possibly, Jesus will return with a fleet of flying saucers to
                    trumpet his return in every nation.
Muzzy: What will this new kingdom be like?
Uncle Freddy: Most likely a dictatorship with Jesus as the Supreme Samurai.+
Muzzy: Samurai?
Uncle Freddy: Yes. Jesus is the Messiah: an invicible warrior.
Muzzy: Jesus is the Prince of Peace.+++
Uncle Freddy: Yes. But, Zen is a path cut with a sword.
Muzzy: Jesus did not cut anyone with a sword.
Uncle Freddy: He will have to, when he returns to Japan. This is not a story
                    about the Crusifixtion. He will return invincible and will
                    conquer the world.
Muzzy: God doesn't fight wars.
Uncle Freddy: Have you read the Bible? It's all about God ordering the Jews
                    to smite their enemies.
Muzzy: This sounds like a very violent Christmass.
Uncle Freddy: Ha! The Heavens will open and Angels will fight by the
                    Messiah on the fields of Armagon!
Muzzy: What can we do to prepare for this cellestial battle?
Uncle Freddy: Not much. Pray for courage.
Muzzy: Do you think it go nuclear?
Uncle Freddy: Every device will be used to hold the land, but the Messiah
                    will not be denied His throne.
Muzzy: After the final war; will there be a Paradice on Earth?
Uncle Freddy: Radiation will poison the land, the seas will boil as the ozone
                    burns away... Most likely there will be an exudus to Jesus
                    home world....
Muzzy: Where?
Uncle Freddy: Out amongst the stars... Perhaps, the saucer men will possess
                    a technology advanced anough to restore the apmosphere..
                    allow a new ecosystem to flourish.......
Muzzy: A new Heaven and New Earth?
Uncle Freddy: We may never see it, but nothing is impossible.

Post Notes:
My Uncle Freddy has passed on.+
Much of my belief system I owe to
him. He was very religious.
I hope to provide more interviews
with Freddy if time permits.
Peace be with You.
Drink @Pepsi.
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