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Chasing rainbow-moments, hopes and challenges combined

six months abroad, two different countries, two different workplaces, many new people.
I’m always wet, the rain keeps pouring. I’m soaking up these experiences; I hope they never leave me again.
Often the sun comes out and shines into my face, the rain, however, never stops. Those are the times when I see the rainbow, the most beautiful experiences, those which I will not forget. These are the times when I see the way; the sun shines brightly and gives me hope.
Some times the thunder comes and drowns me, the experiences, the feelings get too much. Then I miss the sun, the bright sun, and only want to see the end. The times when the rain stops, I won’t be freezing anymore.
But I know, the most rewarding times are these, when the rainbow comes, experiences and hopes are combined, and I know the way. Those are the moments I’m searching, the times I chase. These moments shine bright in my memories, when I know the way – my way.
The months were challenging, sometimes bothersome, always fascinating, and never boring. My quest is not the sun, for I never liked the calmness for too long. I go in search of these rainbow-moments, when I know my way and new experiences combined with hope exist.
I might fear the rain, drown in experiences, but never will I give up my pursuit of these special rainbow-moments.

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