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God' psychology
                                  O Salutataris Hostia
                                  Quae coeli pandis ostium.
                                  Bella premunt hostiflia;
                                  Da robur, fer auxflium.

                                  Uni trinoque Domino
                                  Sit sempiterna gloria:
                                  Qui vitam sine termino,
                                  Nobis dinet in patria.

My Lady: "Is there nothing to be done to stop their suffering?"
God: "They must choose their path. They have lost their way."
My Lady: "They murder and cry for justice.+"
God: "They murdered my sons Christna and Joshua... I will
        not suffer more."
Thunder breaks in Heaven across the Elysian Fields. A star falls.
The sleeping Buddah wakes and laughs.
God: "I have sent a third son, who they will respect."
My Lady: "Will there be peace?"
God: "He will separate the chaff from the wheat and make my will law."

                                  A savior is born again
                                  to a humble Moslem

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