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It's time to actually live your life...

In a world where you are taught to be proactive and prepared, I cant help but wonder if that lesson has somehow been misunderstood; therefore, causing us to focus more on the “yesterdays” and “tomorrows” that we pay no regard and give no honor to the “here” and “now”.

There are two eternities that can break a person down; yesterday and tomorrow.  One is gone and the other does not exist (Author unknown).  So why is it that so many people waste the time actually given (so that we may live and be alive) by focusing on what we can not change (yesterday) and what is not promised (tomorrow)?

There are twenty-four hours in a day, eight of which is estimated to be occupied by sleep and another eight (or more) occupied by work. I can’t help but wonder, with the remaining eight hours, how much time is spent LIVING?!

By that, I do not mean waking up and simply getting through another day, or stressing over bills, or what happened yesterday, or how to prepare for tomorrow.  I want to know how much time is spent laughing, enjoying life in whatever way it can be enjoyed, loving someone, making memories, dancing or smelling the flowers (just to name a few). How much time do we, as LIVING creatures, actually spend living in the NOW?!

Or is it that we’ve become so consumed by what is gone or what may come that we simply “exist” in the now…?

My message to you:

Live your life today – It’s already here.
Do not dwell on the past.  Find the lesson from yesterday that will allow you better your today.  Don’t learn the lesson for tomorrow; for it’s not promised and therefore, you wasted YOUR today…and your today is a terrible thing to waste…

A woman of substance,
Miss Lovelee
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