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by embe
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Analogy of Man on Strangers
Our dreams run gentle across the fields
through yesterday when life was kind.
We are strangers, a family of three
living free to roam in the valleys
just like gypsies used to do.

Across meadow and dale
where budding flowers grow
all neat and planted in a row,
where we would dance and sing
skipping along in a heavenly glow.

Then one day the page turned grey
those not understanding our ways
chased us away down to the sea,
there you will never find us
hiding in the caves.

Every day a joyous day
where we played games
dancing yesterdays dreams,
so afraid if they lock us away
the inhumanity of man on earth.

The lovely valley of flowers
seldom seen these days
there across the sea,
where to hide away
lonely and afraid.
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