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My first attempt at writing. 12 haiku in one poem. Word count 158 - Lines 36
Haiku Year

The new year begins.
Many resolutions made.
But broken by end.

Romance is alive,
With chocolate and roses
Passion warms cold nights.

The breeze blows in spring.
Earth yawns as it awakens,
Shaking off winter

Full clouds pour their love.
New life starts with each drop fall,
Bringing hope and joy.

Children rock and play
To the sweet rhythmic chirping,
Of hungry hatchlings.

The longest day is here.
Trees are green and full of fruit,
ripen by the sun

Flies and mosquitoes,
Unwelcome guest of summer.
Even fireworks don't stop them.

As the school bells toll,
Flocks are preparing to go,
Following the sun south.

Hot heat disappears.
Cooling air brings the fall frost.
As tree leaves drift down.

Great big old Pumpkins
Transform to jack-o-lanterns
To scare the cold air.

Giving thanks to all
Drinking the apple cider.
Of bountiful harvest

Much love, peace and joy.
Sees us past the longest night.
As the long year melts.

C Moore
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