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Written for and inspired by my daughter when she was 17.
Respect Me
Respect me as a person, I'm human just like you.
Respect, I've earned. Consider my point of view.

Respect me for Mistakes I.ve made, and the lessons that they taught.
Respect me for finally getting control, for so long I was not.

Respect me for Obligating myself, leaving my youth in trade.
Respect me for growing up with you, a choice I gladly made.

Respect me for Teaching you, think of all you learned from me.
Respect me for proudly knowing, each discovery I got to see.

Respect me for Hesitating in "allowing" you to be grown.
Respect me for being protective, though you can hold your own.

Respect me for Enduring it all, the good to pretty bad.
Respect me for the tears I've cried, and worries that I've had.

Respect me for Remembering, each moment since your birth.
Respect me for my love for you, no greater love on earth.

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