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by Bucky
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The End

The sun went away
and you’re not asleep.
You spend your nights thinking about those times
and how they were only what they were,
nothing more.
And the man on the moon is laughing at you
because he knows that your secret wish will never come true.
That’s when you know that something has to change.

The novel has become just another story
and the ending is always the same.
The picture is just another face,
a pretty face
with a whispered name.
And you’re feeling entirely uninspired
so much so that your emotions can’t even show.
That’s when you realize that some things can never stay the same.

Hearing that familiar voice sing those words you know by heart
but the words have lost their meaning
and it’s just another song.
The thoughts that once filled your head
have vanished over time
but you are happier now without them
and they’re just a memory,
so distant they could be someone else’s.
That’s when you realize that you can’t go back.

When all you want is a feeling
and all you’re asking for is the truth,
but when it comes out all it is is a story,
another secret between friends.
And the goodbye that was never said
because you’re a thousand miles apart,
still echoes in your head
and is now just another regret.
That’s when you realize that this is the end.

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