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Why I hate cancer, what I witness, what it does to people
She cursed, and he said " we'll do this together" then she screamed, and he kissed her. He showered her with unfaltering love. "That is what a husband does", he said while holding her, but making eye contact with me.

She said "my number is up", and frankly I thought so too. This was the third invasive cancer she has been diagnosed with in under 2 years. Her testing revealed three separate primary malignancies, rather than one initial cancer that had metastasized to two other places. I wonder to myself which is worse, having a single cancer hunting around your body looking for things to replace, or multiple independent cancers cropping up anew as if the one cancer before it, didn't do it's job, so this one is here now to takeover. What I am certain of is, darkness has knocked on her door once again, and so begins her recurring nightmare.

Although teams of physicians can probably support her system to retain life, at least for now and probably the short term future, they cannot keep the life force from being sucked from within her. They can sustain the life, but not the life force.

I know she is about to endure another heinous process. She will suffer painful procedures and shameful indignities.

My heart aches for her. I hate cancer.
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