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From auctions to online store
Selling on online auctions is a great way to make extra income! Yet, the competition is fierce in the online world. You make think Ebay is the best way to start selling, considering it is the number one auction site! Well, that's not always the case.

Competition on Ebay is "throat cutting"! There tons of sellers, & storefronts that finding your items is almost impossible. Even if you try shopping, there are so many items that you might even give up and go somewhere else.

Overstock is an alternative to Ebay. Many might not agree with this, but the fact is that you can find pretty much the same items at a lower cost. At least, that's been my experience. Overstock is less intimidating & its not cluttered with repetitive listings.

I have sold on Overstock under my seller name: handbagbay & have had quite success. I tried selling on Ebay, and my items did not sell as much as on Overstock. I was surprised to see that the same item that I posted on Ebay for $9.99 was also posted by another seller for $19.99! He sold his, I didn't. Yet, I didn't give up & posted it on Overstock starting at $9.99 the auction price & sold it for $14.99. Not bad considering the listing was only 22 cents compared to Ebays fee of .75 cents! So I learned my lesson after trying the 100lb gorilla & concentrated on Overstock.

Sales have been slow, but I always sell several items. I have recieved excellent feedback on my products & I have overgrown my storage space after adding clothing, home decor & customized gifts. So I had decision to make.

I bought the following domains via GoDaddy.com: www.clothingbay.us; www.clothingbay.net & www.theclothingbay.net All these domains will remain parked, until I develop my own store & take it live. In the meanwhile, I still opened my storefront via ecrater.com. It's a great way to be in the marketplace without spending any money at all, because Ecrater.com is free. I did had a customade logo & banners for my store for $30 & I am currently setting up the store. It's fun and challenging...and it takes a lot of time! I also have a business PAYPAL account to process payments,which I have used ever since I started on Overstock.com

I will continue to work on my onlinestore via Ecrater.com & eventually branch out with my own branding!

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