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 Is there Scientific Proof of God?  (E)
An examination of the demand for scientific proof of God's existence.
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I happened send this review anonymously! This could be a public revelation!


It was good reading your essay.

As you said, science is based on logics. Yet, it is not always based on evidences. A series of supporting evidences might at times lead scientists to some conclusions. In such cases, as in case of God, it is again a belief with no conclusive proof.

With regards to your arguments, I would like to say a few points, not based on logics, but on reasoning.*Smile*

In our society, we see children growing up in all communities. Since birth, their way of thinking is moulded under an intensive influence of their surroundings. It includes the family, neighbours, friends, nature... Including and not limited to whatever they see, hear and experience through senses. Under such influences, the child becomes prejudiced about a lot of things and tend to believe many lies to be true and many truths to be lies. In Kerala, a small state in India, we have a belief that if you whistle at night, snakes will come in search of you! It's hard for you to find a child whistling here at night. Science has proved (you said that you believe in science as well) that snakes don't here anything. It has sensors on skin.

The concept of God is far ahead of this. It has a very sensitive impact on human mind. The thought is very old, and as a lovely wine, the effect is much extensive as it gets old. The system of society and the institution called family have been set up so intelligently that it cannot be broken. And a God was a necessary element for our ancestors to keep it going!

How many Gods do we have? Every society has one each! Greeks and Hindus have thousands of Gods. I have seen each tribal community in India worshipping different Gods. Here, you can even find many families having their 'Personal Gods'. Also, mention about certain matters in few religious scripts said to have been given to mankind by God have been proved blunders by science. I again say, science is not the ultimate, never! There are a lot of questions for which we do not have an answer. The universe is so wide and wonderful. Ultimately, we leave it to God.

The truth is that, where the knowledge of man ends, there rises the concept of God. Religions restricts mankind from questioning the existance of God. Whatever is Godly, logic plays no role! If we donot want our children to do something, just tell them "God doesn't like it". They will think thrice before doing it, or they might not attempt.

As in case of knowledge, our thinking has been widely limited by the norms set by the society. It becomes difficult for us to think freely, prejudices lead us. When we are able to unbind ourselves psychologically from the system of society, religion and race, our thinking will acquire great power.

As we all know now, psychology has a leading role in keeping our physic in order. There is no wonder when a man feels the presence of God when his thoughts are highly influenced by that concept. I have friend who have seen ghosts at night when they go to pee outside home (sometimes, the next morning they realise that it was just a dry leaf of a banana tree). At night when they go out, the story of ghosts that they have heard pops-up in their subconscious. They don't realise it.

It is only a matter of belief. It is a man's (woman's as well *Wink*) discretion to believe or not to. As we believe in a lot of things, we can believe this as well. Or, as we do not believe many other things, we can even discard it.
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