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A whitty analysis of what makes the english, English!!!
We are England.

We are the medium.
We are the middle.
We are not the best.
We are not the worst.
We are but a fair compromise.

We are kind to new comers
but also slightly racist.
We are not homophobes
but still can't quite understand it.
We aren't the most intellectual
but still have university challenge.
We care about animals
but still eat meat.
We know how to be healthy
but we're still pretty plump.

We are very mature
but still watch reality tv.
We are not lazy
but still watch reality tv.
We care about global matters
but still leave our tvs on standby.
We are rather hot
but still need the heater on.
We don't follow the queens rule
but still pay her wages.

Our country is the perfect medium,
on a planet that is the perfect medium,
that has an orbit that is the perfect medium,
around a sun that is the perfect medium.
We're buggered when the sun explodes.
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