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The scariest halloween night.
It was halloween night, after trick or treating. Me, my brother Josh, my sister Taylor, my cousins Neecy an Yanni and my friend Manson was at my house. It 9 o clock p.m. we were bored, until Josh came up with a great game. After we went over the rules, we started to play.

After a few rounds,we was having fun because Taylor is silent when it come to scaring people.But then my parents called, they said that we were being too loud. We were playing a game called Are You Scared, it's like Stay Alive and hide and seek. They said we won't play any more if we don't turn it down. But we didn't know how.

After that, we took a break. Then we got back to the game. It was my turn to be the killer. I crawled under the bed waiting, then everyone tip toe to the door. I sneak up be hind  them and grab them.

Everyone was screaming and I was laughing. We were lucky because, my parent was outside. It was my cousins Neecy and Yanni turn now. Neecy and Yanni waited in the closet then they came out.

Until I stop the game. I came up with a great idea," I'm going to turn lights off and on. By doing that no one will get too scare. Also everything will go in slow motion, and that was my scariest moment.
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