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Two boys name Golf and Mike get into a bad situation.
Golf and his family and his brother/best friend Mike are going camping. It takes two hours to get there, so they watch a movie.
Once they got there they put on their bathing suits and got read to jump into the pool when.........a man stopped them. " You can't enter the pool at this time," he said.
" I am not trying to be rude but but how come we can't swim in the pool?" asked Mike.
" You can't because we are putting in Fizz All." said the man. Golf asked "How long will it take?" The man said 5 hours! "5 hours" yelled Mike. Then the two boys walked back to their site and got something to eat. That night the boys went to the main office because there were activities going on. They told their parents that they had to go to the bathroom. Instead of going to the bathroom they went to the pool.
When they came out of the water they were blue. They looked at each other and ran into their tent and rushed to sleep.
The next day their mom yelled at them for doing that.They had to take a shower but the stuff did not come off. When they got back, they were scared because it was stuck on them. Their mom told them to go to the front and ask for help.
They got to the front and lied the first time. The front desk told Golf and Mike that they could not help them. Then they finally told the truth and they thought they were going to get in trouble but, they did not.The people gave them oil and the blue stuff came off on the first try.

The End!!!
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