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A brief glimpse into my season.
Hi everyone,

Welcome to my portfolio. For those of you who have only recently found
this collection, please make sure you explore, and have fun.

In the spirit of Halloween, the pumpkins are out on the porch, the mums
are in full bloom, the ground is covered with leaf-color blankets, and
magic is in the air. It's only a few days past the full, Hunter's
moon, and the nighttime is bright in the moonlight.

My house hosts a traditional tableaux featuring several scenes of
interest. In the backyard, I've decorated the main patio gazebo with
orange lighting, candles, and variously glowing centerpieces. Also, at
the wooded gazebo, I've mounted our scarecrow, hanging lanterns, and
Marcus the Carcus. The main gardens are accented with purple lighting
and the chiminea, of course, is ready for lighting a nice, warm fire.

My son's house is being prepared for entertaining the passing ghosts,
and witches from the front entrance. His is an enclosed entranceway,
6x6, with a season background sheet across the inner door. He runs a
fog machine, and a symphony of halloween music selections for great
atmosphere. A full size, dancing pirate skeleton greets visitors along
with assorted centerpieces celebrating the night.

But, what strange things are "out there" that you could be concerned
about, while enjoying the company at your house on this halloween

Scientists have found that crows bend twigs into tools to find food.
This is a headline folks. The crow... a noble animal... has been around a
long, long time, and only now observations surface about it's eating

But, I think the following story is the best for marking this year's
halloween season. There's the recent news that our
friendly white-jackets, have tweeked the genes in worms to make
'lesbian' worms. Ok, are 'lesbian' worms better eating, or something?
Are they bigger? Do they catch more fish?

My first impression to this news was: I'm sure Dumbledore is to blame

And now from Space.Com...

Defect Suspected in Fabric of Space-Time

Eddies in the space-time continuum? Scientists think that shortly after
the Big Bang, as the universe cooled and expanded, exotic particles
transformed into the particles we know today via phase transitions
similar to the gas-liquid-solid transitions that matter now experiences
on Earth. One artifact of this may be an enormous 'cold spot'.

**What Big Bang? And, what exotic particles? Are these 'scientists'
referring to klingons? And, yep, it's cold in space... there are
plenty of cold spots to go around. So, how can we fix it? I've have
two words... Duct tape.

It'll be a stretch to make any political money out of this.... it's
just too far away for anyone to be made to be fearful of, like they are
doing to us with global warming.

Well then, whew! If you read carefully enough, you can find plenty of
stories here upon which you can apply your magical tricks. So without
further ado, have a great season, don't forget to change your clocks,
and wear your seat belts... something large could lurch at your car as
you drive by a dark patch of woods in the night.

Stop by again to have a read. Don't forget the coffee!!

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