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the fifth installment of this amazing story about giants and love.
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Chapter 19

How could this be? It was incomprehensible, how could the pretty Anrill possibly have grown to such a huge size in such a short time. Not long ago he'd been on top of her making love. When she had definitely been smaller than him. Now she was so huge he'd have to go scuba diving in her vagina if they wanted to have sex.

As John stared down the length of her huge muzzle he just had to ask.
"H- How? H-How can you b- be so Big?"
"Ahh...." Came Anrill's booming reply.

Anrill's huge head backed off and turned to one side to avoid Johns gaze.
"Well you see... I err..."
John just sat in her hands as Anrill struggled to find the words. But even if she wasn't saying much, her actions spoke volumes to him. She was still acting as though he were her equal, even though she far far outsized him. This meant that the likelihood of him becoming food was now decidedly less likely but it didn't make him feel that much better.

"well I'm ... err... well I'm a Macro."
John didn't move exempt to say
"What's that?"
"Err... well it's really a giant. Only they exist... In most cases were able to change size at will. But the majority don't bother to learn and a small minority can't figure out how. I'm one of the ones who can.
Anrill looked down at John and smiled weekly.
"Look on the bright side. You're got a girl with bigger boobs than you thought you'd ever see."
Her smile broadend.
"Just imagine it, climbing the twin mountains of Anrill."
John smiled back weekly... in a strange way the thought did appeal.
"and better still I'll always look young and fit."
Johns feelings of raising happiness out of dispare suddenly changed to one of confusion. Which Anrill obviously noticed.
"err... well you see, macros age allot slower than normal people. About five times slower. You see were allot bigger... so it takes allot longer to grow to our full height you see. So we age slower and our organs are allot more durable to wear and tear because there so much bigger. It takes us over 60 years just to hit puberty."

There was a short silence.
"So when I'm old and all my fur is thin and grey you'll be?"
"Well I'm a hundred and twelve now, so you can work it out."
"You're a hundred and twelve? Anrill! You're older than my granddad."

Anrill's huge wet nose nudged at johns chest affectionately. And I'll still love you when you're as old as him.

Anrill let out a sigh and leant against the wall of the huge container they were still in.
"But if you don't want to be with me now that you know I'll understand. The nice ones always do."

John thought for a moment then said.
"Is there an way I can become a macro?"
Anrill shook her head.
"I'm afraid not. There used to be but the machine that bent reality to create fur's and macro's alike was dismantled and outlawed after the macro wars."

"Macro wars? You mean you giants fought each other? What for?"
"Err not quite... It wasn't exactly macro verses macro. It was more macro verses pretty much everything else."
"What? There was no such war. It would have been in the history books or on the history channels."
"It's not in the official history books. Only people who need to know, know. So that's everyone remotely connected with the military or government and every macro. It's why we've got the Macro treaty."
"What's a macro treaty?"
Anrill looked around from over the top of the huge metal crate.
"Besides the reason I now reside in a huge open top concrete macro prison?"
"Err... Yeah besides that."
"Do you really want to know?"
"Ok, but I'm not telling it here, my back hurts from sitting against the edge of this crate."
And with that she stood up. The force of her upwards acceleration pushed John down into the palm of her hand. Then all of a sudden for a scary moment he found himself weightless as he lost contact with her palm. He only just managed to grab hold of it before it started to move sideways, as Anrill merely stepped over the edge of the crate.

Then the world went dark. Looking up he could see her other hand was now cupped over the top of him. Just as well as he suddenly found himself thrown upon it as Anrill sat back down, causing a small tremor when her huge bum smashed into the ground.

When Anrill opened her hands she tipped John carefully out.
When John got his Barings he soon realized he was now standing on her stomach.
It was like standing in the middle of a huge field of white grass. If he looked down her body he could see her legs raise high into the air like two brownish grey hairy pillars. And looking in the other direction he could see she had raised herself up on her elbows. Her head was framed between as Anrill had put it, "The twin mountains of Anrill." Which raised high out of her chest like two impossible round mountains covered in the same white grass.

"Make you're self comfy. This is a long story.

John looked around for somewhere to sit. And that large far off face smiled at him.
"tell you what. I know somewhere that's comfy."
Anrill reached towards John and carefully picked him up between her thumb and forefinger.

As he went flying through the air John got a birds eye view of his giant girlfriend. Flying way over her like this was quite a sight. Every line and womanly muscle now stood out more obviously, making her look very pretty. As he passed by her stomach he found her left breast coming into view. It was huge. It was even larger than his flat and he soon realized with some joy that he was moving down towards it. by the time his feet touched down on it's surface his manhood had emerged from it's protective sheath. Her breasts were very warm and very soft and squashed slightly beneath his feet.

Moving along on it's huge surface on all fours his hard on became rock solid.
Anrill laughed lightly.
"I cant say I'm not surprised. Go on." She pushed John forwards gently with her finger.
"go on. Fuck my tit. You know you want to."
John looked up from Anrill's huge boob to her face. She was smiling.
"go on. I don't mind. The story ‘ll keep."

Simply knowing he was on such a large boob made John's erection throb. Throwing out his arms he hugged her huge bosom. It was surprising how fur made of stalks so thick could feel so soft against his body.

With his eye's half open images of the rest of Anrill's body flashed through his mind as he felt her warmth beneath him and her soft but loud words spurring him on. It was like nothing he had ever done before. A strange cross between masturbation and sex. The warmth and smell of her beneath him was wonderful. The warmth and feel of her bosom as he thrust against her was sheer extecy. But as he opened his eyes he saw that Anrill wasn't experiencing the pleasure he was. She was smiling at him lovingly, but somehow he didn't feel right.

Still breathing heavily he stopped thrusting.
"Is something wrong?"
John shook his head.
"well I hope you're not done. If that's the best you can do then I'm in for some poor nights."
"No." he said through gasped breaths as he struggled to regain control of his breathing.
"It... just doesn't feel right."
"why? Don't you like my boob?"
"No... I mean yes. I mean.... I do... but."
"but well. It just doesn't feel right. I mean. I just feel selfish."

Anrill's huge finger began stroking him.
"Ahh." She sighed. "You're so sweet." And they smiled at one another.

After a while John relaxed and Anrill stopped stroking. A short time passed and a few helicopters flew past. When a hover transport flew over John asked.

"what was that about a... Macro war? was it?"
"oh yeah."
The floor below John moved around as Anrill moved around into a comfortable story telling position. John just held on tight. And when Anrill was settled down he simply moved to another part of her boob, climbing past her nipple to a part that was to him still perpendicular to the floor and settled down himself.

"comfy down there?" Anrill asked.
"extremely." Came Johns reply.
"good. It all began many years ago when furs didn't even exist yet..."

To be continued...

<if you find the following chapter boaring skip to chapter 22, though I wouldnt advise it.>

Chapter 20

"It All began many years ago, when Furs didn't even exist yet. As you may or may not know the man who invented the way to create furr's or Anrthros did so by accident when he was trying to invent the teleporter. What he actually did was create a gateway through another universe where the laws of physics were a squewed version of our own. It didn't have any affect on the dog they sent through but when they tested it on a human being he came out the other end looking very different from when he went in.

Namely he was a canine furr, an Anthromorph. Needless to say the media went ballistic. He was lucky not to end up the experiment rather than the experimentor. This man is the man in the picture inside my locket."

Anrill opened her now ginormous green and gold locket and showed John the faded picture of the human couple and pointing at the man with a claw before closing it again.

"The worlds governments dropped the teleporter and moved the science team and the only existing Anthromorph in the galaxy onto the more promising field of the space hopper drives, which we still use today.

However determined to cure himself the good doctor continued research on his dimension jump... he never succeeded. However he was able to fine tune it so that he could predict the affects it would have on any who went through it.

It's first use was to send a specific part of a patients body through into an environment where the infection was converted to a harmless substance. The only down side was the organ had to be removed from the patients body, but still it was allot cheaper than the tons of chemical medication society used at the time before we had working nano technology.

The good doctor became rich, but he was still a freak in his time. Glared at and stared, pointed and geared at. So he continued his search for a cure. He did find one. But he couldn't use it. He needed a sample of his unaltered DNA. And after 20 years there was none. He did try to use the DNA of another human but he was stopped for legal reasons as he would be considered a clone.

The next application of his device soon followed. With a cure available to those who kept a copy of there original DNA the mice prisons were invented. The government saved millions with prisoners who were half there normal size. They ate half the food they took up half the space and required half the guards to look after them. And with no gender they all got along much happier. It was so successful that as you know, It's a system we still use, only now its used more subtly. Needless to say people were very surprised when some of the prisoners asked to just be released back into society as the Anthromorph mice they had become.

Soon the good Dr had his 3rd and final use for his machine, as with increasing demand people wanted to join him in becoming Anthromorphs.

Initially the governments were against it but eventually under increasing pressure and the undeniable appearance of illegal Anthromorphs they gave in."

"Yes I know all that. That's public knowledge."
"I agree it is public knowledge. But after this point public knowledge and fact take a sudden veer in different directions."
"So how do you know what's fact?"
"Simple. My grandmother was there and she told me."
"But that was over 500 years ago."
"And my grandmother died at the ripe old age of 489 38 years ago. May I continue?"
"Err. Yeah... sorry."

"Now where was I?"
"Err. The government was under pressure and had just legalized Anthromorphs."

"That's right. The government, under pressure decided they had no choice but to legalize Anthromorphs. With this new legislation passed there was a sudden rush to become anthro's. The good Dr Lang made an absolute fortune. And the airlines made millions. There was even a special ‘flight package' where people could fly to England and get Anthrosization as part of the price."

It wasn't long before there were Anthrosization hospitals in all the major countries. The world's governments tried to pass legislation to stem the flow by adding extra taxes for Anthro's, but people kept on coming. Especially when people started finding out sex as a canine Anthromorph and some other species lasted a hell of allot longer. All went without a hitch. Not a single fatality."

"But I thought there were over a thousand people killed by the Anthrosization process in the UK alone. That's why it was outlawed."

"And there we see where popular knowledge diverts from fact. If it was that unsafe why would the government continue to use it in prisons? It's exactly the same process, just with different species parameters."

"I... err... that is... I, hmm."
"Indeed. Now listen to what really happened. Very few tinies, or normal sized people learn this story as it actually happened."
"But I thought you said."
"Only those high up and trusted people get the full story. You're average soldier or government official is swarn to secrecy and then shown a propaganda version of the truth."

To be continued

Chapter 21

Ok. So everything was running fine, over a third of the worlds population had been converted to Anthromorphs, including the Dr Lang's long suffering family. Who had at last come to the decision that being Anthromorphs would bring them back together without ruining the future of there children. The mother joined the "rodent class" of Anthromorph as a racoon and his daughter and son joined the "canine class" as the same kind of dog as there father, the same species as myself actually."

Soon after came the world's first macro incident, which involved an enraged male rat Anthro. Which thankfully have died out long ago, as have most of the rare variants. Apparently there used to be a family of gold and silver furred fox's, not sure what happened to them. Theoretically there DNA could still be out there somewhere as a repressed gene, but I digress. Back to ratty Mc big as he's known. Not Scottish by the way, he was a Mc Donald's employee working in America. He'd just been given the sack on grounds that having Anthroed himself as a rat he was no longer employable as a cook. Well can you imagine ANYONE wanting to eat a burger that's just been cooked by a rat? Anthro or no.

I mean I'm an anthro myself and I'd never eat anything cooked by a rat anthro. But needless to say he was furious. He was in the middle of threatening to sue there arse off as I'm given to understand they do over there, when he just stopped speaking. He was said to look like he was in the middle of a rage induced trance. He stayed there for several seconds till he roared in rage and began the first ever macro growth there and then.

Every electrical device on the entire planet turned off if they were on, and on if they were off. Entire pockets of the USA, time simply stopped flowing for over half an hour. Rivers boiled without being boiling, cows spontaneously combusted into Mc Donald's burgers, complete with bun and celery. Fireworks displays rained down French fries instead of sparks... it was the Chinese New Year, which one I don't know. And half the world's wildlife and vegetation simply vanished, only to reappear again 5 months later. Basically allot of really strange shit happened. Mainly because he'd just ripped a link way between our two dimensions.

The result of which was the form and shape of the universe could be molded by the mind itself, among other things. The rules that governed the world in which we live were no longer rigid and un-bendable, and he bent them.

In his rage he grew through the roof and went on a power trip. He flattened his home town off the face of the earth before the US air force could reach the scene. 5 planes worth of missiles later and he lay dead on the ground with a smouldering mess where his head should have been.

But the damage was done, the barrier between dimensions was well and truly open. Within the hour more and more enraged people were growing on the spot, and all by the same proportional amount. Only some went on rampages, others ran and others suffered mental break downs, but most rampaged. Over 10 macros were killed across the globe that day alone, but mainly in America where the tear was worst. And every single giant or macro as they are now called was an Anthro.

Things quietened down after that. People were suddenly scared of Anthros and Anthros were scared of becoming one of these new huge creatures. But across the world every country reached the same desasterous conclusion and did the same thing.

The military of every country started to round up, every Anthro they could find. Those who didn't come quietly were shot on the spot. Some countries reacted more violently than others. Needless to say there were a hell of allot of Anthro's that became very scared and very angry that day and the link way between the two universes hadn't even begun to heal. This was probably the biggest mistake in all of history. The macro community suddenly boomed overnight to a population which it will never reach again.

And every one of them was very very pissed. Thus begun the macro war... A huge and messy world wide rampage that would last for over a week and a half."

"only a week? That doesn't sound like much of a war."
"In one day alone the macro's levelled all the major cities of the world and a few more besides. Just imagine the havoc they caused in [i]eleven[i/] days. It may have been short, but more people died than in world war 1"

Anrill looked down at John meaningfully before continuing with her tale.

"With the sudden influx of giant sized problems roaming around, the military quickly became too busy to round up anthros. By the end of the first day people were being evacuated into underground bunkers built to withstand a nuclear blast. Any scientist with knowledge of the technology that created the macros were quickly moved to secure locations, including Dr Lang but not his family. But before they were seperated he managed to give his wife a parting gift. A disk that when she placed it in the dimensional machine, sucked the entire house into a bubble and placed it inside the other universe, where it would stay with occupants and all, for 8 whole days, safe from the carnage being wreaked upon the earth.

While the Dr and many others tried to mend the tear the war raged on above ground.

Many died on both sides, but it was the people, the tinnies who fared the worst. In the panic people fled the cities for what was left of the countryside. Order broke down, traffic jams built up almost instantly. The world was in panic but the macro's were having fun. For those not being attacked by air craft or fire from orbit, everything had suddenly turned into a toy, a way to test there new found strength and power.

The chaos just made things easier too. The military found it impossible to move through towns and difficult and long winded to go around them. The macro's didn't have that problem however. They simply walked straight through the middle, and woe betide any building that caught there interest.

After a while the missile stocks were either destroyed or depleted. Military bases were destroyed and the space ships ran out of amo and for obvious reasons couldn't re arm on earth. When they left orbit for mars, earth was left defenceless. Macros. For the time being at least were masters of all they surveyed.

By the time the Dr's house reappeared the rip had been repaired and although no one was spontaneously super sizing anymore there were still plenty of macros around, but buy and large they had grown tiered of buildings and cars and had turned there attentions to one another."

"what do you mean one another. I thought you said they didn't fight one another."
"I didn't say they fought one another."
"But I thought you just said."
"ahh I see what you're thinking. You're thinking they were one track minded. Destroy kill, kill, destroy... that kind of thing."
"Err well yeah... I guess so."

Anrill Looked down at John meaningfully.
"These people were giant, naked and could do anything they wanted. The rush and feeling of power combined with the gallons and gallons of hormones pumping through there veins meant the next thing they did wasn't violence, it was sex."

"lots and lots of very large sex."

There was a short period of silence as John thought about this. Then looking up at Anrill he said
"I guess that makes sense... but what happened to the family?... you know the one that just got back... the one in the bubble."
"Ahh yes. Now this is where [i]my[/i] story begins."
She smile wryly
"but I'm going to keep you guessing for just a little while longer."

To be continued...

Chapter 22

"The Dr's family, upon emerging from the other universe, and a very weird and strange experience, found themselves not 3 blocks from a pair of giant wolves deep in the throws of passion.

Without a second glance they turned and fled in panic. Only they had not been unaffected by there little visit to the other universe. While what happened to them didn't have an impact on the war as such, it did have an impact on them. As they ran the two children suddenly found themselves not feeling too good and fell to the floor, much to there mother's dismay. She blamed there new style of feet, but they knew different, and when they stood up so did there mother. They were taller than she was and getting larger, only they weren't angry and there clothes weren't being tawn to shreds. In fact there clothes grew with them. Picking up there mother they ran, but in there ever shrinking world found only giants everywhere, all in the act of doing [i]something[/i].

But it was only because they grew that they survived... but they [i]were[/i] different from all the others, especially in the fact that whenever they found a normal sized person, instead of doing some wicked thing with them they protected them, sometimes against fierce and very hungry opposition.

When the final day of the war came and the fleet returned from the colony's of mars, it was only there constant proximity to these people that prevented them from being singled out for aerial bombardment.

It was this bombardment and the fact that many had calmed down from there aggression, combined with ever dwindling numbers that the macro's started to surrender. Every country sighed there own macro treaty or document of surrender. The macros used there impressive size as leverage for fair treatment or whatever they thought of. The classic argument was
‘if you don't give me what I want, then I don't know how much longer I can stand.' The opposition being right below them at the time of course. After this the Anthro process was banned globally, exempt in prisons where subjects could be closely monitored.

Actually The UK's got a pretty fair treaty. My gran claimed credit for that. Though she never told me how she did it."

"what happened to the Dr's kids?"
"well they met up with there father, discovered the ability to shrink back down to normal with the threat of being crushed gone, and a bunch of other abilities as well once they got access to the core of one of the Anthro machines. Oh and they got medals once society was back on it's feat, for protecting the people of England and for signing a good and fair treaty."

"Sighing? I thought you're grandmother did that."
"She did"
"How? Surely there wasn't room on any document for more than one signature of someone... well... you're size."
"didn't I tell you? The Dr's kids... are my grandparents. His daughter [i]is[/i] my Granny."

This news nearly made John fall off Anrill's boob in surprise. Infact if Anrill hadnt caught him as he slid from her breast before gently placing him back on the very top his soft round perch, he would have. Where, after taking a moment to calm down from his terrifying plummet he nervously continued.
"y- you mean you're related to the creator of our race?"
Anrill smiled down at John warmly and nodded.
"the man who invented the anthro machines... was you're grandfather?"
Anrill nodded again.

If John had been standing he would have fallen down in surprise. As it was he contented this urge by simply holding on to Anrill's furr just a little tighter in case he should fall again.

"you're absolutely sure... I mean... wow"

Anrill hummed afermatively.
"I'm sure, look I'll prove it to you."
Reaching to her neck with her giant hand, passing it over the top of John as she went. She grabbed the golden chain that held the giant gold and green globe and raised it from between her cleavage with a flick of her wrist and raised it to her hand, deftly flicking it open with her thumb all in the same well practiced movement.

The blinding light that emanated from it made John roll down her breast once more, but he manage to stop his decent before needing Anrill's waiting hand, which quickly pushed him back up.

Pointing to the side not glowing with her great claw tipped thumb she said
"The man's Dr land, my father. And the woman's my grandmother. My granny gave it to me when I was still young... well young by my standards anyway."

Shielding his eye's from the pendants glow, john looked at the pendant. Indeed, there in the side of the locket, not glowing like a small blue star was a huge and faded picture of the man himself. The man revered by all Anthro kind as the creator of there race, Anrill's grandfather.

To be continued...

Chapter 23

For a moment John couldn't put two words together into a coherent sentence. Not only was his girlfriend a giant of truly massive proportions... so massive in fact that he was now perched on top of her right breast. She was also a direct descendent of the creator of the anthro race. all this aside from being told about a hideous world wide war he had no knowledge of.

Though as he sat there blurting out meaningless individual words such as I and but and mostly a whole string of erms. He did manage one coherent thougth, that this did explain a few things. However the more he thought the more questions popped into his head. As he tried to think of how best to ask any one of these important questions they just seemed to evaporate on his tongue. In the end he just pointed to the pendant and asked

"Why's it glowing?"
She smiled down at him.
"I'm glad you asked. You see it's a core from one of the old anthro machines." She glanced around her and then leaned in close to John. Her huge muzzle dwarfing John's entire body and whispered.
"It helps me do some really cool things."
Anrill glanced around again, before leaning back in.
"like ghosting... I become invisible and nothing can touch me unless I want it to."

She leaned back. "That's how I've stayed un detected till now."
"so how come you didn't gwost."
"sorry, ghost. When these military guys showed up?"
"Because I didn't want to drop you silly."
She lent her head towards John, and nuzzled his entire body, gently pushing him into her breast with her wet nosed pressing softly into his chest.

John giggled slightly at this and hugged her nose as it slowly receded from him.

"I may be trapped in a huge cage, but at least I still have you."
The smile that met Johns gaze when he looked up was sheere beuty.
He didn't care if she was a giant. He knew then more than ever that he loved her. Nothing else seemed to matter, and he did the only thing he could. He rolled over and hugged what little he could of her as hard as he could.
"I wish I could kiss you. He said." And Anrill let out a joyful whine, and then an ahh.

John felt giant claw tipped fingers slide gently beneath, him before lifting him carefully off her breast, raising him face to face with her.
"You're wish is my command." Anrill said playfully, and began to lean forwards towards him. Her muzzle slowly inched towards him till he could reach out and touch it. It was just mere millimetres away when there was a loud crackling screeching sound as a megaphone squealed into life, and they both jumped right out of there skins in surprise, though John felt more like he had just been pulled out of his.

As the squealing died away the megaphone, that lay hidden in the concrete wall somewhere to there left began too boom out it's message.

**Anrill... Macro serial number UK3-F82, you have been found guilty on the following charges. 1 Being in a city without a valid roaming licence... destroying public and private property while violating roaming licence... avoiding tracking while under suspicion... resisting arrest... digesting an innocent civilian... prolonged unemployment and general failure to comply by the rules laid down by the macro treaty. You're punishment will be decided shortly.**

Anrill and John looked from the invisible speaker to one another.
"you're punishment? You didn't do any of those things did you?"
"NO... well maybe once or twice, but not on purpose. Not like the other macro's"
"[i][b]YOU ATE SOMEONE?... how could you? That's just sick.[/i][/b]"
"only you're ex."
"fair enough."
"I didn't manage it though."
"Ah nuts! You got my hopes up then."
"You don't mind?"
"Not with her... But what do they mean by punishment?"
"Usually one of 4 things. Prolonged imprisonment, army duty. I really hope they don't put me in the army. Community service, which usually takes the form of becoming the motive power for a generator or something like that or...."
**squeell squeek squeeeeeel crrr... Anrill... Macro serial number UK3-B82. You're punishment has been decided. Since it is clear that you are a registered conscientious objector, we cannot place you in military service as we wished.**

Anrill's sigh of relief was audible.

**we have therefore decided that you will... ccrrr.. shhhzzzzzitttt. Prrring effective immediately zzzzrrrrr ccrrshhhhh will be assigned to you.zzzzz rrrffffftttt where you willllzzzzrrrrrrccrrrr squeeell squeeek squeeeel crrrr fzzzt will arrive at you're pen within a few min crrrr zzzzttt. That is all.** then silence.

Anrill was shaking in anticipation. Much to John's dismay.
"What? What!? What was that!? What's going to happen to me? what?" but no matter how many times she asked, and no matter what way, the huge concrete walls stayed as still and silent as huge concrete walls can possibly be.

It took ages for her to calm down, and even then she was still shaking. John could see that she was distraught. ‘it must be awfull' he thought. And he was right. It was one thing not knowing you're fate, it was another knowing it had been decided and knowing that that unknown fate was now just minutes away.

"Anrill, I'm sure it can't be that bad. If its prison I'll come visit all the time, and if it's community service you can still live with me, I mean, how bad can it be?"

"I' I don't think it's going to be one of those. You see nowadays macro's are a valuable commodity for war and such like... I think there going to."


They looked towards the far wall of the huge concrete pen.

**CLICK CLUNK CLICK. Squeeeeee.**

"what on earth?" but John's question didn't need to be answered. As soon a huge section of the wall started to swing slowly open. Revealing a very large, young looking fox boy, in what looked to be some kind of armour. Around his waist was a huge belt from which hung cloth, ammunition of incredible size, chains and a crotch plate bigger than three whole cars. His shoulders had similar plates of armour, but otherwise he was wearing nothing exempt the bracelet around his wrist.

An evil grin spread across his huge foxen muzzle, which John didn't like the look of in the slightest.

"Caw, what a beauty. Am I lucky or what?"

To be continued...

Chapter 24

The giant fox stood there in the doorway for a brief moment before taking a giant stride forwards, and then another, walking towards them at what to him was a leisurely pace, the doorway closed behind him automatically with a clunk as he took his third step into the middle of the pen.

The fox didn't take his eye's off Anrill for a single moment, his eye's glancing hungrily over her body. He only spoke when Anrill moved her legs to help conceal herself.
"Damn yer a fine piece of ass." He reached up to one of his shoulder plates and removed it casually, dropping it to the ground where it embedded itself deep into the earth with a thud. "So [i]Breader[/i], what do I call the future mother of my child?" he said as he removed the other shoulder plate.

John could barely believe what he'd just heard. Surely there had to be a mistake. Surely they couldn't expect Anrill to lye down and be raped by this guy, just because they said so.

But one look at her face said it all. She had a look of utter revulsion on her face, but at the same time it said something else. It was that something else that made him sure she wasn't going to stop him, no matter how much she obviously disliked the idea.

There was another thud as the fox undid his belt and let his crotch plate fall to the floor, revealing his huge throbbing hard on.

"My orders are to impregnate you. And there orders I hope to enjoy carrying out..." He took one step forward.
"over the next..." he took another step and was now just one stride away.
"few..." he took another step forwards and now stood towering over her, his crotch swaying offensively above them. "months."

Anrill now backed as hard as she could against the wall with revulsion, and yet she did nothing to stop him as the fox's huge manhood began throbbing visibly with anticipation. It was the most repugnant sight John had ever seen. Why did Anrill not fight back, or run.

But there wasn't time to ponder this as the huge fox lent forwards and fell in slow motion onto all fours with a bang and crawled over Anrill. His huge body casting hers into shadow until he was muzzle to muzzle with her.

"So gorgious, are you gona spread those legs willingly or will I have to help you?"

Anrill turned her head away from the fox. The fox wasn't going to take no for an answer and whispered something in her ear.

Anrill slapped him across the face.
The fox wasn't best pleased and growling fiercely at her grabbed both her wrists and raised them forcefully to the concrete wall, including the one still holding John.

"Fine." He spat. "If you won't give you're self to me, I'll just have to take you."

His head ringing with pain from where it had been smashed inadvertently into the concrete wall John looked down upon the fox as he used his legs to spread Anrill's, as she squirmed and wriggled beneath him.

The fury and raged that filled his soul at the sight was akin to an exploding volcano. Fear was no longer a factor in the equation, he just saw red, and allot of it. And with his teeth beared in a furious growl he shouted down at the giant fox with all the might he could muster.


The fox looked up in surprise. His attention diverted from his pursuit, and saw the furious John sitting clutched in Anrill's hand.

"What the?"
The fox looked stunned, but he was still holding Anrill against her will, and that was all that mattered to John, size be damned.

"What? Who the hell are you?" the fox said with increasing distaste.
"I'm her boyfriend that's who. Now are you gonna get yer filthy paws off her or not?"
The fox looked stunned for a moment and backed off from Anrill, and then went straight to pissed off, and then kicked Anrill straight in the ribs, knocking the wind out of her and as she fell sideways he grabbed John from her hand.

"Now I'll tell you who I am. I'm a giant nearly 20 times you're size you little shit. If you think she's you're girl think again, cos I'm gonna take her from you, and there's nothing you can do to stop me." There was a pause. "let me show you how little you're threats mean to me, you insignificant speck."

All of a sudden John found himself falling through the air faster than gravity as the fox's chest, then stomach went whizzing by in a blurr, before hitting the proverbial floor with massive G's. He was now staring straight ahead at the mammoth manhood of the fox in question.

"you see that?" John was thrust towards the giants crotch. "you see that?" John was thrust again.

"That's how insignificant you are to me, my cock is bigger than you are, I've got more balls than you have body."
And as if to rub salt into the wound, John found himself pushed bodily against the warm sticky member, throbbing insultingly beneath him. And then worst of all, he found himself being rubbed up and down against it, it's sticky surface grabbing and pulling at his skin. If he hadn't been mad before he certainly was now as every fibber of his being pulsed with hate and loathing. He physically shook with rage as he was being pulled up and down.

And without thinking upon the top of the up thrust he reached out with his jaws and chomped down on the lip of the fox's head with every ounce of strength he possessed, and revelled at the delicious taste of blood. This didn't go unnoticed, as the giant fox let go of John and screamed out in pain, but John hung on, hanging almost all his weight through his jaw. Causing the giant even more pain as he found new reserves within him to bite even harder, only disappointed he couldn't simply rip it off, and again the Jiant howled in pain.


Falling to his knees the giant flinched as gravity kicked in for John once more, allowing him to jerk hard at his grip, his claws now digging in to the stem as he tried to cause as much physical harm as he could.


John soon found fat claw tipped fingers grip his middle and pull him off his tooth hold and was brought eye to eye with the fox, where they exchanged furious gazes "YOU LITTLE BASTARD!!"
John just growled at him with more force than he'd ever done in his life.

"I HOPE YOU CAN FLY!" and with that John found himself flung through the air, flying unaided at a tangent to the ground.

To be continued...

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