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Matts life changes and new people enter it, please read and rate!
The Game- Chapter 1

By Rebecca Lowes

Matt ran, the rain belted down onto his back, his eyes were sore from the dirt and grit being swept into his eyes. He couldn't stop to wipe his eyes from the pain, and he was too scared to look behind him, he knew someone was still running after him, he could hear their footsteps, and could hear as the person behind him moaned with tiredness, Matt started to run faster, he realised he was running way too slow now if he could hear the person chasing him.

He didn't know why he was being chased, and didn't at that moment want to find out, he didn't know where he was running to and didn't know if he would ever stop, all he knew was that with every step he took the person behind him took one too, with every breath he took, the person behind him also breathed and with every corner that he turned that person wasn't that far behind. Matt was scared, more scared than he had ever being in his whole 21 years of existence, his brilliant blue eyes ached with pain and his normally strong legs were growing weaker and weaker, his head filled with a brain splitting headache and his fingers and nose were like icicles,they felt so cold they were sharp with pain all he wanted was the madness to stop and for his ordeal to be over. He rounded another corner, and has he looked ahead saw he had made a mistake, a dead end greeted his tired eyes and all he could do was keep running until all he could do was turn his back to the wall, as he turned for the first time to face the person chasing him, he lifted his head to stare the culprit in the eyes he saw there was no-one there, for the first time he was alone, his legs collapsed under him and he leant against the wall, his eyes poured with tears, his heart pounded and his side felt as though knives were being stuck into him, one at a time, over and over again.

Matt hurt all over as he stood, and all though his legs felt stronger than they had when he had fallen to the floor his feet felt as though he was walking on broken glass, he looked ahead at the stretch of pavement in front of him, and as he began to walk his legs grew weak yet again, his eyes closed and he fell unconsious, his head fell against the cold, wet concrete.

Matt awoke to find himself in a hospital bed, a nurse hovered above him and he felt completly tired and his eyes stung like acid had been rubbed into them, he rose his hand to his head, to rub the pain stricken eyes and has he did so the nurse spoke to him, but her voice was distorted, he still felt weak, his eyes closed and he fell into another state of unconsiousness. His body feeling in need of rest he spent the next two hours drifting in and out of consiousness.

When Matt awoke he managed to stay awake while the Doctor spoke to him, he told Matt how a young couple had found him, down one of the alleys in the city, they had found hm, blood gushing from his head, from where he had fallen, and although he had an explanation for Matt's condition he was more interested in why Matt had fallen down in the first place, Matt's explanations were simple, and patchy in places, he had forgotten where he had been when his ordeal had started, and had forgotten how long he had been running, the doctor told him, he must have ran none stop for about 2 hours and in the cold, wet, icy conditions there was no wonder he had felt so weak, and so tired. Matt began to doze off into a deep sleep as the doctor finished talking to him and he slept for a further two hours. When he awoke for the final time Matt felt someone holding his hand, the hand was warm and he was grateful for the warm presense sat next to him, when he opened his eyes and glanced at the person holding his hand he didn't recognise the woman sat, smiling at him.
"Who are you?" Matt looked her in the eyes, his throat hurt as he spoke, his eyes still stung but now the pain was bearable, the woman still sat, staring at him, not answering his question again he asked "Excuse me? Who are you?"
"Darling, Matt, it's me. Julia, you must remember me, we have been dating for two years now, Matt?" She spoke, her eyes smiling at him.
"I'm sorry but I have no knowledge of any Julia in my past or present, will you please just leave?"
"Darling Matt!" The woman pleaded "Doctor! Doctor!" She called over the room, at the doctor stood at another patients bed "Matt, please?"
"I know I have being struggling with my memory but I know I would remember if YOU were part of my life, would you please just leave? You have no business here." Matt was adament that the woman calling herself his girlfriend would leave and respecting his wishes the doctor advised her to retreat to the family room while they spoke to him some more.
"Matt," the doctor spoke to him.
"That women.."Matt spoke.
"Your girlfriend?" the doctor said to him, looking him in the eye "She's been here for 2 hours now, she came after we rang her from a number in your coat pocket.
"But..I honestly do not know that women, I think I would recognise someone I had spent two years of my life with!" Matt looked confused and upset as he lay in his hospital bed, the doctor shook his head and left him, Matt lay in silence, his body still felt drained and the revelation that there was a women claiming to be his girlfriend was too much for him to bear, he closed his eyes and attempted to get back to sleep, but sleep wouldn't come and he just lay there in silence, thinking, trying to figure out why someone he didn't know would claim to be girlfriend, the only explanation he had was that it was something to do with why he had been chased for two hours the night before, and as for the number in his coat pocket, he didn't know where that had come from.
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