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This story is about a talking computer that helps a boy.
"Hi, I am Christopher Road. I am a Cartoon so obviously in this story computers can talk. During this story we will show you how computers can help all man kind, in a fun fun fun fun fun fun way! Enough about me, let's get back to the story." It was a cool crisp Saturday morning. I was at the Library searching on how archeologists do their work. I was minding my own buisness until..... BAM! Something caught my eye. Right out of the corner, hanging on the bookshelf, stood a fabulous book on how computers work. The book was shiney and smooth. I picked it out and went to the reading section. I read the first few words, but right after that... THE BOOK SUCKED ME IN! No seriously... Literally... I got sucked into the book. I wasn't paying any attention to the warning card in the front of the book. The warning card read as so, "PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. CATIOUSLY DROP IT BEFORE YOU OPEN THE FIRST PAGE SO THAT IT DOESN'T SUCK YOU IN. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS SO THAT YOU WILL NOT BE TRAPPED IN MAYHEM." it read.
In the book, the boy went into a trans. He woke up. "Where am I?" he asked. Suddely a voice appeared out of nowhere. "You are in the Mysterious Book of Computers." said the voice. " Guess he didn't read the warning notice" said another voice. "Guess not" said the same voice that answered him before.
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