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by Amber
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A good girl's secret pleasures...
Dance music blaring around the club, she looked down from the top floor balcony and watched her friends dance; shaking their asses seductively and flirting with a group of boys. She was the good girl of the group; rarely got drunk, always made sure her friends got home safely from a night out and had never been with a man before....or so her friends thought.

The top floor was mostly empty, with the exception of one or two couples engrossed in heavy make-out and petting sessions. Hormones were running high this evening.

She sighed to herself, quite bored and feeling rather lonely. She was too deep into her thoughts that she didn't notice his presence behind her; a tall, dark haired man dressed in a black shirt, jeans and a long leather jacket. His hands instinctively went to her waist as he whispered "Hello lover" seductively in her ear, Kissing and nibbling his way down her earlobe and neck...he knew she enjoyed that.

Her friends did not know about him; what she and he had been doing for the past six months. She lost her virginity to him, he had awakened her sexual energy and made her experience pleasures she never knew were possible.

She was 19, he was 26. Her friends wouldn't understand what she saw in him; they preferred boys, but he, he was a man. His hands cupped her breasts over her clothes; his thumbs rolled and twirled her nipples. She could feel herself becoming aroused...He had power over her. Her owned her; physically and emotionally.

His right hand let go of her breast and moved slowly down her body until he reached her silky thighs to where her dress ended, pulling it upwards slightly until he reached her womanhood; he was rewarded with a quiet moan.

She gasped as, without warning, his hand made its way inside her black lace underwear and found her throbbing clit; circling it with his thumb, his left hand still working on her nipple only now it had made its way under her dress.

Her eyes closed of their own accord and she sighed in blissful pleasure, He noticed this and scolded her playfully. "No no. Don't close your eyes. keep watching your friends....What would they think...if they knew what we've done...what we're doing now...you can't tell me you're not enjoying getting away with this...right under their noses...their goodie girl friend doing such naughty things. My bedroom...the kitchen...last week in the park perhaps?" Her purred in her ear, smiling wickedly.

His left hand left her breast and moved behind her; she felt the zipper on his jeans go down; his jeans falling to his knees, his throbbing manhood pressing itself against her buttocks, the thin layer of his boxers was the only barrier between them which he removed in an instant.

He guided his manhood to her lower lips, teasing them before slowly entering her, a growl submerging from his throat as she gasped in suprise. He thrust gently inside her, he rested one hand on her waist, the other went to work on her clit.

With great difficulty she kept her gaze on her friends the orgasmic pleasure building up inside of her, a part of her couldn't help but wish that her friends could see her...what would they think if they looked up at this moment and seen her being Fucked from behind by a handsome, older man. This thought was enough to send her over the edge as an orgasm ripped its way through her body; Her lover was on the verge of climaxing too and in one last swift thrust he filled her with his loveseed.

They both got fixed up quickly and walked downstairs to the bar for a drink; both of them radiant and flushed with a post-sex glow. Her friends noticed them and walked over towards them. They questioned her whereabouts and she just smiled wickedly...they had no idea what nasty little antics their goodie goodie friend had been getting up to with her older lover.

She kissed him goodnight and left the club with her friends, knowing full well that he would be coming over to her tonight for another raunchy session. She felt guilty for not telling her friends about her dirty little secret but she wasn't sure if they would handle it. "Besides" she thought to herself "what nobody knows won't hurt them"
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