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My pieces of short poetry.
Eternal Cycle

Once in our cradle I kissed the Sun, my love to be.
A craving whisper in return of a wish to voyage free.
From western skies a sudden fire. My soul was frost to bleed
And love was gone desire...
Moonlight stars are blooming now in the graveless place of it.

* For enriching the perceiving of my poem and for better understanding, here I submit few intro words:

This is a piece of flash poetry seeing the nature of life through the parallels of sun - moon cycle and love.

It's been written for a short poetry contest with an obligatory rule to consist of five lines. But the power of the poem is elsewhere - in its metaphors and the complex outlay of the scenes.

Simply explained, it embodies two pictures acting in complete parallel with one another and visualizing through their symbolic illustrations the poem's main idea - the "eternal cycle" - the nature of being. Both are taken from the same source - life itself - the first one being the "sun - moon" or the "day - night" cycle and the second - the carussel of love.

There is also an unique moment with the metaphoric expressions of the sun based on my native (bulgarian) mythological traditions.

In short the poem tells the story of two lovers who have been together. The first one gives love while the second estranges. And leaves away to be free from the other. After the parting, the tragedy follows. After the tragedy, nothing is left ..



I am a man of the irrational.
I can lose my day, agenda.
I can forget to feed.
I can forget myself in thinking.
I can lose entirely in the unconscious.
Why you'd hate me for what is me?!
Because you are disclaimer,
The one into my other half.

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