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Evan, a popular high school football lineman, grows into magnificence!
Under Construction! (or should that be, 'Under Expansion'?)

Evan stretched and grinned as he came to a halt outside the locker room. Ah, there she is! he thought, and headed over to the fence, where a striking looking girl awaited him. He sniffed the enticing aroma rising from the carrier bag in her hand, and asked, "All for me?"

"Well, I might have a nibble," she replied, and leaned in to kiss him. A moment later, before she could pull anything out of the bag, two more girls appeared.

"We might have known you'd be here first, Ashley," snapped the first one in a catty tone. "Feeding our favourite big guy. I brought some too, Evan," she said in Evan's direction, in a lower, more romantic tone.

"Me too!" murmured the third girl, pulling on Evan's arm.

"Girls, girls, there's enough of me to go round!" Evan chuckled and pressed his big hand to his large stomach, whereupon it gurgled hungrily. "I want to eat everything you've all brought."

A minute later, a male voice cut through Evan's food fest. "Face in the trough again I see," said the new voice, which belonged to one of Evan's teammates. "Keep eating like that, Evan, you'll be too big for football by your senior year!" But this guy stopped too, just behind the third girl.

"Too big? Me? Never!" Evan declared, even as he took a big bite out of the meat pie the first girl produced. "I have to eat," he added through a mouthful of pastry. "Have to keep up my playing weight!"

"Keep it or expand it?" his teammate riposted, as a third football player braked his substantial frame to a halt.

"Hey, any of that for me?" the newest arrival asked. He was the biggest of the three - bigger than Evan, which was saying something. But then, he was a senior. And a linebacker. One of coach's favourites. And, most importantly for his size, with a grandma who loved to cook for her big, strong grandson!

Whereas Evan was only a sophomore, despite already being one of the biggest guys on the football team. Just turned 15 (his birthday had been the last day of August), Evan had weighed-in at a substantial 280 pounds on his 5'10" frame on the first day of grade 10. He expected he was up a few pounds since then.

Maybe more than a few.

"C'mon, Evan, we're heading to the Shanghai!" said a fourth teammate as he cruised up to the growing group.

"Great, Rob!" said Evan through a mouthful. "Let's go!" He immediately moves off, his broad belly bouncing a little as it stretched out his XL polo, big thighs pumping as they strained the seams of his size 42 Levi's 501 ,jeans. As he went, he was surrounded by the three girls, who alternately pulled goodies out of their bags and fed them to him.

At the parking lot, Luke and Kevin, both seniors on the team, opened their minivans and the group piled in, Evan grabbing a middle seat in Luke's van as he always did, with a girl (or two) pressed up against him. With big Luke and big Evan and a full load of others, the mini-van sagged a bit under the substantial load as Luke piloted it to the Shanghai, their favourite after-game feed....


"Man, you really pack it away," remarked Luke as he passed by Evan on the way to the steam tables.

"Yeah!" replied Evan around a mouthful of roast beef. "I don't even have to get up!" he added happily, as the plate he'd just emptied was whisked away by Ashley.

"Lucky guy, you've got your own 'feeders'," Luke noted.

"Hey, he has to make up for the summer," exclaimed one of the girls. "He was sick!"

"Yeah, I lost 15 pounds," Evan noted, "but I think I've gained them back already!" he added, thumping his heavy tummy.

"Don't want to get too big - Coach'll cut you," cautioned Luke.

"If Coach cuts him, then he'll be all ours," asserted another girl.

"All MINE you mean," retorted Ashley, returning with another plate stacked high with delectable morsels.

"All for me?" inquired Evan, gesturing towards the plateful. "I think I have room for it here," he avowed, grinning.

"Better go fill my plate," Luke observed loudly, turning away. "Gotta keep up with the fat kid!"


A few weeks later, as September turned into October, Evan came by the Coach's office after he suited up for practice.

"Coach, I think I need new uniform pants," Evan began, then gestured to the straining seams of the ones painted onto his butt and thighs. "Don't want these ones to blow a seam."

"Evan, I got you those 2XLs only last month," replied Coach Hanes. "I don't know if I even have a pair of 3XLs - even Luke's butt isn't that big! What's going on?"

"Growth spurt, coach?" suggested Evan. "I mean, guys my age grow..."

"Yeah, Evan, but usually upwards not outwards!" retorted Coach Hanes - but he was smiling. "Much as I like having big guys on my team, I wouldn't want you to get too big and slow.... here, step on the scale, let's see what's going on with you!"

Evan stepped onto the scale, and Coach pushed the weights across, then frowned. He started again with the biggest weight, then said quietly, "Well, over 300..." He pushed other weights across, still frowning a bit, then said loudly, "Evan, what the hell is going on! The scale says you weigh 346 - that's 66 pounds more than you weighed on weigh-in day! 66 pounds in 6 weeks! What the heck are you eating? You're bigger than Luke!"

"I dunno coach, I just figured it was a growth spurt. I had to replace my jeans too..."

"I bet you did! How the heck did you manage to put on 66 pounds? All right, you know that I like bigger guys on the line, but I don't want slow fatsos - we're going to check you out. Drop and give me 20!"

Obediently, Evan got down and did 20 push-ups - he knew it wouldn't be a problem, as he'd been in the weight room with the team three times a week, keeping up his strength, and his bench-press and push-ups were all good. "Not bad," pronounced Coach as Evan finished the last one in good form, then lunged to his feet. "With that gut you don't need to drop down as far as some guys. I think some wind sprints are in order now - need to check your speed, make sure that extra girth is not slowing you down."

"Wind sprints?" queried Evan, who hated them. "OK, coach, whatever you say." Evan knew he'd been growing - a trail of outgrown clothing and an appetite that, even for him, seemed enormous, told him that, but it wasn't until Coach read off the numbers on the scale that Evan realised just how fast he'd been growing - with most of it seemingly going into his gut and butt. "Can I do the wind sprints in my shorts?" he asked. "These might split," he added, flexing a thigh and making the leg seams on the football pants strain so the individual stitches could be seen, all dangerously close to bursting.

"Sure, but hurry up!" said the Coach, as he gathered his stopwatch and whistle.

Out on the field, the team was gathering for practice. Evan hurried out to where coach was waiting by the track starting gate, his jersey stretched by his gently bouncing gut. "Hey, big guy, where are you rushing too?" called out Kevin, the quarterback, warming up his arms.

"Wind sprints - Coach wants to check my speed," explained Evan. "I've put on some weight!"

"Yeah? I thought so. Good for you!" replied Kevin. "Hey, maybe we all need a mid-season check!" He jogged over to where Evan had halted by the coach, then called out, "C'mon guys, speed check!"


"Well, boys, pretty impressive," Coach Hanes remarked as he finished noting the results for the last set of sprints. The boys gathered around as he continued. "You're all within a second of what you did in August - even our new resident heavyweight, Evan, is only off by four-tenths - and a number of you are faster, notably Kevin. Given that I'm sure you've all put on a few pounds - Kevin's ten pounds is all muscle, I'm sure, and I guess some of Evan's 66 must be muscle too - I'm happy. I like having a big O-line to protect the QB - as long as you keep your speed up, you can keep growing. Not too much more, though, Evan, kapisch?"

"What do you mean, new resident heavyweight Evan?" asked Luke, looking at Evan. "He's not..."

"He is," Coach disclosed, guessing at Luke's thought. "He's heavier than you now - unless you've put on a lot more than I think you have."

"No shit!" retorted Luke. "What're you up to, Evan?"

"346!" asserted Evan. "How big are you?"

"Whoa! 346! I gotta put on a few! Last time I checked, I was 324. Say, Coach, can I use the scales? "

"Be my guest."

Luke jogged over to the Coach's office, trailed by the rest of the O-line, not to mention most of the team. He stepped onto the scales and pushed the weights over.

"Woo hoo! 332!" he proclaimed, stepping down. "That means I gotta gain....14 pounds!"

The rest of the O-line weighed themselves, and all had gone up since August, but most by only five pounds or so. Kevin stepped up among them and, mugging it up with a tennis racket for a mike, said to Evan, "Kevin here for Fat Football News! So, Evan...how does it feel to be the team heavyweight?"

"I love it!" Evan replied enthusiastically.

"And Luke, how does it feel to lose your fat crown to a sophomore?"

"Well, Kevin," Luke began in a fake deep voice, "first of all I'm not fat, I'm big-boned..." he paused while the rest of the O-line howled, "and secondly I'll be back on top real soon..."

"Thanks, Luke," Kevin intoned, "and that's all from here. I see the boys are off to eat...I imagine Luke and Evan will be hard at it soon..." Laughing, Kevin tossed the racket into a corner and said, "C'mon, Luke, Evan, I'll treat you to Dairy Queen!"

"Don't buy 'em too much there Kevin," remarked one of the running backs, "or you'll make them TOO fat!"

"Nah," retorted Kevin, "I like having a pair of big fat asses in front of me on the field!" and with that he reached out and playfully grabbed Luke's butt, making Luke jump in mock horror.

"Oh, Mr. Quarterback..." Luke squeaked in falsetto. "Oh, be gentle, Mr. Quarterback..."

"C'mon, let's go, I'm HUNGRY!" declared Evan. Quickly the boys hit the showers and headed out, being met at the parking lot by a bevy of female (and male) fans, including Ashley.

"Hey Ash, Kevin's treating me and Luke to Dairy Queen!" Evan exclaimed with a grin, giving Ashley a quick hug. "Can you come?"

"Sure!" Ashley replied. "Hope you brought lots of money, Kevin!" she added.

"Oh sure," said Kevin. He pulled out his cell and quickly sent a text. "There. I've alerted Shelley to crank up the burners," he said to the crowd.

"That's one advantage of dating a DQ princess!" snarked one of the other guys.


The opening notes of Green Day's "Wake me up when September ends" warbled in the air, and Evan flipped open his cell. "Hey Ash," he said, reading the screen and answering the call.

"Can I come over? I've got something for you..."

"Sure!" replied Evan.

"See you soon."

Evan had been enjoying a lazy Saturday morning before the big Columbus Day weekend football game on Sunday, and Ashley knew that - so she left her call until late, barely able to contain her excitement. She got her Dad to drop her off at Evan's house as soon as she was off the phone, and she fairly flew up his driveway to ring the bell. When her big guy answered the door in person, though, she was suddenly tongue-tied at the sight of him. Evan was in his weekend gear of jeans and t-shirt, the jeans filled to almost bursting, but the t-shirt, tucked in under his 50 inch gut, was new; mid-blue, with 'HEAVYWEIGHT' spelled out in bold yellow letters in a semi-circle across his fat chest.

"Hey Ash," Evan said, his 350 pounds of bulk filling the doorframe.

"Oh," said Ashley, as he stood out of the way for her to come in. Then, regaining her voice, she asked with fake casualness, "New shirt?"

"Yeah, Ian sent it to me, he heard from Mum I'm outgrowing all my clothes - says it's the hot thing on campus. Appropriate, huh?"


"I was just having a snack. C'mon in."

Ashley followed Evan into the dining room, where the remains of the 'snack' were a further testament to Evan's growing appetite. He sat down and picked up an apple, while Ashley sat beside him.

"I brought you something," Ashley said.
"Sweet, I hope!" Evan quipped, assuming it was more food.

"I think so," Ashley continued, pulling a shirt out of her backpack. She fluffed it open and Evan could see that it was a button-down, in a rich royal blue - and it was BIG!

"Wow," he said. "Cool."

"C'mon, try it on. I went with Dad to the Big 'n' Tall last night," she confided. "I took a photo of you, and the guy said this should fit...it's triple XL."

Evan peeled off his t-shirt - his abundance of flesh bouncing as he did so, as the t-shirt resisted coming untucked - and quickly tried on the new button-down. "It's great!" he said, as he tried it on - and it was a great fit, the extra-long tails hanging down enough that he could tuck them in, the sleeves exactly the right length, the fit generous over his well-fed body.

"Tuck it in, I gotta see," said Ashley.

Evan reached under his gut and undid his skin-tight jeans. "Wanna help me?" he asked, and Ashley helped push the shirt fabric under the denim, revelling in the touch of his broad, fat lovehandles. "Here," she said, as he grunted to get the jeans done up again. He pulled and she slid the button home.

She stood up and looked over at Evan, standing there. His broad gut and chest filled the shirt nicely, but it wasn't tight - room to move, even room to grow! The nice new shirt just emphasized how tight his jeans were though, as his love handles spilled over the sides of the jeans and his fat gut had a substantial overhang in front.

"Wow, it's great!" she said, and walked up to him for a big hug. The smooth fabric over his soft, warm flesh felt fabulous.

"I'll wear it all week!" Evan promised, as Ashley bent to her pack and pulled out another package.

"Here - if that fits, then this will too," she observed, and gave Evan the plastic bag marked XXXL.

"A rugby shirt!" he declared happily, ripping it out of the packaging. "From Big Adventure! Too cool!" He quickly took off the button-down, and pulled the rugby shirt over his head. Its broad green and yellow stripes fit generously, and the heavy fabric emphasized the outward swell of his gut.

"You know," he announced, looking down at himself, "I need a mirror." He strode off to the front hall, Ashley trailing behind, where a big, full-length mirror showed him his ample reflection.

"That does it, I need new jeans," Evan announced. "Wanna come with me, Ash?"



"So, what size do you need?" asked the sales clerk brightly.

“I dunno exactly, these are 42s I think,” replied Evan. “46s?”

“Bring those, and 48s and 50s - Teen Heroes if you have ‘em,” Ashley firmly suggested.

“OK,” said the clerk, and waddled quickly away.

“It’s so great shopping here!” said Ashley happily. “This is where I got your shirts.”

The clerk came back, and Ashley held the 46s against Evan’s substantial middle. “No, too tight!” she said. “Try these on,” she said, giving the 48s to Evan. When he came out of the changing room, she pronounced, “Well, those look good! Still, try the 50s,” she continued, giving them to Evan.

Evan disappeared into the changing room and was out a moment later. “Boy, these are loose!” he announced, then continued, “Think I’ll stick with the 48s.”

“That’s good,” Ashley replied. “You’ll want the 50s soon enough,” she added ambitiously.

“Having a growth spurt?” asked the clerk. “We give a discount of 15% on the second pair when you buy two at once.”

“What about three pairs? Would it be 20% if you through in some 52s?” asked Ashley positively.

“52s? Ten inches bigger than the old ones?” murmured Evan, with wonder in his voice.

“Yeah, big boy,” purred Ashley, gently rubbing Evan’s gut. “You’re gonna grow....”


Four weeks later, and those size 48 jeans have become tight, tight, and the 52s are now in the comfy category...and Evan’s football uniform pants are again incredibly snug, with the seams stretched taut.

"Evan, come to my office," asked Coach Hanes as the team jogged off the field one Friday after practice.

"Yeah, Coach?" Evan said as he trod tiredly into the coach's office, his gut bouncing gently, each bounce straining seams on his football jersey and pants.

"Evan, you look like you need a whole new uniform - and you just got those new, bigger pants just four weeks ago. You look like you've put on a LOT more weight - what is your mother feeding you? You're getting slower too, and while I don't mind you getting bigger, I do mind you getting slower. Hop on the scales...."

Evan obediently stepped up and Coach pushed the weights over... and over.

"397! Evan, that's 51 pounds heavier than you were four weeks ago! How the hell.... I don't mind big guys on the team, but you've packed 117 pounds since August...how big are you going to get?"

"Maybe I put on even more than that, coach, I was sick in July, lost 20 pounds - I was down to 258...."

"You were down to 258? Evan, that means you've put on .. let's see...139 pounds in four months! Shit, boy, aren't your parents concerned?"

"Well, yeah, maybe - Mum's taking me to the doctor next week."

"Good! In the meantime, fella, I'd slow down on the burgers and Cheetohs - 400 pounds is getting really big for football."

"But Aaron Gibson is 410 pounds..." Evan tried to counter Coach's argument. "And I feel great! I don't feel fat..."

"Aaron Gibson is also 6'6", Evan - you're 5'10"!" Coach pulled out a calculator. "If Aaron Gibson were your height he'd weigh....330! Even allowing for the fact that calling him 410 is low-balling his weight- in my opinion he's probably more like 430, 440 - at your height he'd be 350, 360, not pushing 400.

"Now, I'm not about to cut you from the team," Coach continued, but was interrupted by a shadow looming at the door.

"You'd better not cut him from the team," a voice declared, which turned out to be Kevin, sticking his head in through the door. "This quarterback LIKES having that big fat ass in front of him when the enemy's monster trucks are bearing down on us. Coach, if he's 400 pounds, he's an ASSet - nobody's gonna get past him!"

"I agree," Coach remarked positively, "but at 400 pounds he's gonna have to work hard to keep his speed up. Like I said, Evan, you'll have to cut back on the cheeseburgers and deep-dish, and get out there jogging and lifting more."

"Hey Evan, if you need help with the jogging or lifting, I'm sure me and the boys would help out," Kevin avowed.

"Thanks, Kevin!" Evan responded.

"Yeah, thanks Kevin," added the Coach. "If we're going to keep 'Big Evan' here in the line, we gotta keep his speed up. He'll make a great weapon when we meet those bovines from the Springfield team...."

"Yeah, our 'hog' here will flatten those 'cows', won't you, Evan?" Kevin bantered. "You'll be our 400 pound secret weapon..."

"Hey, I like that!" Evan then jested, "I'm 'da Hog'!" He raised his right hand and he and Kevin high-fived each other, hard.

"See you out on the track tomorrow morning at 9, 'Hog'?" suggested Kevin.

"Sure, gotta keep my speed up!" Evan grinned in response. He slapped his ample breadbasket with one hand. "Cause I've already got my weight up!"

"And I'll see what I can do about a new larger uniform," Coach asserted. "It'll be the first 4XL this school's ever seen..."


"Yeah I know, but I don't want to let down the team," said Evan that evening, as Ashley curled up in his massive arms. "I don't mind the jogging - but cutting back on my eating won't be easy..." For the first Friday since the summer, there was no massive 'snack' sitting beside him.

"I suppose at least he hasn't told you to lose weight," Ashley remarked.

"Yeah, Coach said he likes my weight - said I'll be a great weapon against the Springfield Bovines - as long as I can keep up my speed. And Kevin said he still likes having me guard him - 'I like having that big fat ass in front of me when the enemy's monsters are headin' for us,' he said - I think that's why he offered to come out jogging with me."

"And if you're jogging more often, you'll be burning off more calories and won't have to cut back on your food so much..." said Ashley, putting one and two together. "Yeah - you know what, I'm coming jogging with you too! And on the days you don't go jogging, we should go swimming...that burns off lots of calories."

"You're on!" said Evan, suddenly enthusiastic. "And I'll lift more too - that way I'll have more muscle, that should make me stronger AND quicker!"


"So how are you feeling Evan?" asked Dr. Johnson.

"Big - and hungry!" replied Evan.

"Well, I can see the 'big' part - why hungry?"

"Coach said I can't gain any more weight - I'm getting too slow. So I'm eating less - I'm on a diet - and doing more running and lifting - and I'm just, like, hungry ALL the time."

"And is it working?"

"The diet? Don't know, haven't been on the scales. The running - well, it's getting easier, but Coach only said all this last Friday."

"Oh, so this new plan is only six days old?"

"Yeah, and I'm starving!"

"Hmm. Well, maybe we'll check blood sugar. How are you generally? You said you're still playing football...that's good. Sleeping well? You were here last in...July. Oh yes, that strange illness. Well, that cleared up...you lost a bit of weight." The doctor looks up at you and grins. "Looks like you've gained it all back and then some. Says here you were down to 258... hop on the scale, let's see where you are now."

Evan shucks his shoes, and gets on the scale. The doctor slides over all the weights, then slides the smallest one back a little. "Well, 395! You have gained it all back and then some. That makes a...137 pound increase since July. Good lord. What have you been feeding him?" the doctor remarked to Evan's mother in a somewhat joshing tone.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," she replies, "but you know teenage boys, the quantities are out of the ordinary."

"Given the size of this guy I'd imagine quite EXTRA-ordinary," the doctor continues.

"Hey, 395 means I'm down two pounds from last Friday when Coach Hanes weighed me."

"Well, that could good - or it could be just scale error, these things are only plus or minus a pound or two," the doctor remarked. "The growth is extraordinary, though."

"And that's why we've come," says your mother. "I know he seems healthy - doesn’t pant during football games, goes jogging, etc. - but what about the future? I mean, will he be healthy? And why is he growing so fast? I know teenage boys can have growth spurts, but a hundred pounds?"

"I share your concern. You seem healthy, Evan, but let's make sure - no sense missing a problem early on. Now, when did this 'growth spurt' begin?"

"Well, after I was sick, once my appetite came back, I started really eating again, and I gained some weight. Didn't think anything of it at first - after all, I was just getting back what I'd lost sick - I really only started to notice it when I outgrew my football uniform..."

"And how big were you then?"

"Um, 346."

"I see - you 'only' noticed once you'd gained nearly 90 pounds...."

"Well, I guess I had noticed early, the first time I had to change uniform pants, but that was no problem, coach just exchanged them - he does that for lots of guys in September....just..."


"Just not again in October... and again in November!"

Doc Johnson took some measurements, and pricked Evan's finger for a blood sugar test. Then he gave Evan a can of Coke to guzzle, and took another blood sugar test, then had Evan sit for 40 minutes and checked it again.

"Well, your blood sugar is a bit low, but it bounces up and down just fine when you have a sugary drink...I'd say the hunger and tiredness are from sometimes not getting enough to eat. At your size, I can hardly counsel you to gain weight, but you probably don't want to lose any more. More importantly, you need to eat healthier - smaller portions, more protein, less sugar, less carbs, more often, to even out your blood sugar through the day. Regular exercise, too," he continued, then paused as Evan dramatically tightened his chest and arms, making his polo stretch.

"Well, I see that you’re busy in the weight room, but don't forget the aerobic, too, for it'll help to level out the blood sugar. Keep up the jogging! And,” he continued, “I think in view of this great change the HMO will cover some tests – blood pressure and heart rate are good, but I'll send you for more blood tests – c'mon, a big guy like you shouldn't be afraid of a little needle,” he said, 'needling' Evan over his grimace at the mention of blood, “and to be sure, a stress EKG.”

“What's a stress EKG?” Evan's mum asked.

“It's a test of how well the heart works under load,” the doctor replied. “Basically, we wire him up for an EKG, then put him on a treadmill or exercise bike and make him work, and observe the changes. A regular EKG only says that your heart is fine if you're lying down flat – a stress EKG says how well your heart works when you move around. And with all this extra mass, it would be good to know how Evan's heart is doing.”

“Oh, I see,” says his mother.

“Now Evan, the lab will call about scheduling, but I do want to see you again in a month regardless. Keep on trying to eat healthy and exercise, but don't forget to take a day off from the sports and exercise every week - give your body a rest. Come back in a month."

"Thanks, doc."


Feeling reassured, Evan and his mom headed home. The next day at practice, Evan cut another two-tenths off his 40 yard dash, and then added another ten to his bench press, as if his body was already celebrating his clean bill of health - or was it just extra eggs at breakfast, and the extra ham at lunch? Ashley was happy to see her hefty hunk looking happy again - and that Evan was setting personal bests on the track and in the weight room.

Ashley also loved going jogging with Evan and Kevin, and each day that the three of them went jogging, more of the other players joined them. Ashley loved going to every practice, and couldn't wait for Sunday game day, just to see her big guy in action... and to feed him afterwards. Evan had told Ashley the doctor's recommendations for changing his diet to manage his blood sugar, and she was trying to follow them, to help out. A little less on the carb front, combined with Evan's increased activity, mean that his weight wasn't increasing very much - but the size of his chest and arms and legs was! In fact, Evan's gut was actually shrinking, though perhaps only Ashley and Evan himself really noticed. Coach may have too, but his praise was heaped on Evan's increasing strength and speed, not his size.

With all these developments - and Evan's obvious increase in happiness, and continued robust health - Ashley was really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Surely Evan would relax his diet 'restrictions' for "Pig-Out Day", wouldn't he? And Ashley wanted to be there when her increasingly hunky, big 'n' hungry Evan truly 'pigged-out'!


A month later, and Evan is back in Doc Johnson's office.

"You are looking better, Evan, even if not much smaller," Doc noted, "and your blood sugar is more even. Your other tests all came back on the good to excellent side of 'normal', and the hospital was very impressed with your stress EKG."

"They had some trouble finding good spots for the electrodes," Evan remarked, nearly smirking. "The tech said she'd never run an EKG on a chest as big as mine."

"Well, the results are fine - keep doing what you're doing. Are you feeling well?"

"Oh yeah, I feel great! Plus my speed is better, and my lifting is better, and coach is very happy with my playing. That tired and hungry feeling is gone, too."

"Have you been able to up the protein a bit, and cut those carbs?"

"Yeah, that part wasn't too hard."

"Good. Well, take off that shirt and I'll listen to your chest."

Evan pulls the polo over his head, but as he puts his arms down he flexes his entire chest.

"Very impressive, Evan, I can see what the EKG tech meant. But you can relax now," Doc Johnson said, smiling. "I won't hear your heart any better through a tense chest." He applied his stethoscope and asked Evan to breathe deeply.

"Sounds good!" the Doc said, putting his stethoscope back around his neck. "Pull that shirt back on, and I'll see you in another month. Do you have any questions for me?"

"Yeah, well, Thanksgiving is next week and..." Evan paused.

"You want to know if you can pig out?" the Doc finished his sentence. "Don't look so surprised, I was a teenage boy once too. Yes, go ahead, celebrate Thanksgiving, just get your exercise before and after."

"Yippee!" Evan exulted.


Wednesday evening, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and Ashley is heading up to Evan's front door.

'Bong bong'

"Evan, Ashley's here," called Evan's dad after he'd opened the door.

"Ash! Wasn't expecting you 'til tomorrow!" Evan said happily as he braked to a halt in the front entrance, his gut and manboobs bouncing from his quick flight down the stairs.

- "Pig Out Day" - Evan eats for a day

Ashley brings food to Evan's house early...


At the doctor’s again, a week before Christmas.

“Christmas is coming - you’ve been dieting, such as it is, for nearly two months - you can relax your diet over Christmas too, eat what you like, try and get some exercise, then come and see me again January 2. We’ll run another set of blood tests today, and then. And in January I think we’ll do the stress EKG again. And maybe some genetic tests - yes, more blood samples.”


Christmas - relax for a week, eat and grow! What does an extra 10 pounds matter, when you’re already 415?


Back to the doctor January 2.

“Well, well, 428 - some appetite, huh? Feeling any better?”

“I feel great - lots of energy!”

“That’s good. But we need to get to the bottom of all this growth. Blood samples for hormone tests, sugar levels. And, we need to check how your body is coping with all this mass - sonagrams of your heart, liver, lungs, gut - maybe a CT scan of your bones and joints - and bone densitometry too.”

"And we'd best do some genetic testing too - may not show us anything, but there's more and more they can tell....the results will take months to come back."

“Oh, and back on the diet - don’t need to be quite so restrictive, if it makes you happier - but I can’t advise gaining any more weight, you’re already more than twice the weight a boy your height should be. The Surgeon-General would call you ‘morbidly obese’, though I dislike that label.”

Two weeks later...
Results from the CT scans - unusually large knee, hip and shoulder joints...


“March break - continued restraint - feeling deprived - what a winter!” Evan takes his new more muscular 440 pound bulk skiing. Finding a ski suit took a little Internet searching, but Evan was overjoyed to find he wasn't the only big guy who liked to go skiing - and while he thought he'd have to settle for boring black ski clothes, he found that wasn't true...

The sight of a massive, bright orange ski suit zipping down the slopes filled with 440 pounds of confident teen football lineman gave pause to the ski patrol, but fortunately he never crashed so they never had to rescue him. One of them jokingly suggested to him that they could use his help to help lift other heavy guys who did crash, and he took them up on it, giving them his cell number.

He did have to ride the double chairlift solo, though!


"So what you're saying doc is that I'm a genetic freak, and even if I starve myself, I won't get smaller. And, really, it doesn't matter how big I get."

"Evan!" said his mother in a horrified voice. "Genetically different, not 'freak'!"

"It's the same thing, Mum," Evan replied. "Right doc? If I put on weight, my body adapt?"

“Yes, Evan, it appears that’s what’s happening – at least for now. We don’t understand enough to know for sure what will happen in the future – and I certainly can’t counsel you to get any bigger – but it seems that your body had adapted to all the growing you’ve been doing – and indeed, you could possibly get even bigger, if what the DNA experts think has happened to you is true."

Mid April, all the tests come back - every measurement is normal, except for Evan's size. Evan's DNA, though, has some odd markers in it, that suggest unusual growth - which is certainly what is happening. Evan has a genetic abnormality - he's a genetic freak. He realises that this makes perfect sense - after all, months of exercise and dieting have made little difference to his weight - he's still growing rapidly. And he's still healthy. And still strong enough and fast enough to play ball!

All this thinking about what the doctor was saying, made Evan come to a conclusion: diet or no diet, nothing is going to stop him growing - he's gonna gain anyway. So, his brain went on, why even try to restrain his incredible appetite? He was used to being a big guy - heck, he likes being THE big guy - he might as well eat. It will make him bigger, but heck, he can carry the weight - his body will adapt no matter how big he gets! And he's sure that Ashley will love it! He realises he can't exactly ask the doc about this plan, though, so he dissembles.

"So everything's OK, and I don't have to worry about my weight, as long as I exercise and eat healthy?" Evan asks, trying to sum everything up in the most favourable light, and sound out the Doc about his new growth plan while not giving it.

"Well, yes. But again, I have to caution you against gaining any more weight than you can help; we don't understand the extent of these genetic changes or exactly what new capacity they've given to your body. The adaptations might not be permanent - or they might be permanent, so you can't lose the weight later."

"OK, doc."

"You are, after all, now two and a half times what a boy your height ought to weigh."

Evan interrupted the Doctor. "Yeah, but we football players, we run heavy!"

"Evan, the most generous interpretation is that you're twice the weight you should be. You're healthy, but your size is worrying to me. You should probably come back every couple of months for a check and more tests."

"Great, doc, thanks!"

As Evan and his mother left the doctors, he thought about how he's going to tell Ashley about his clean bill of health, his cool genetic freakishness, and his plan ... to get bigger!


"Hey Ashley, I'm going out to eat - wanna come?" Evan says in a casual voice. He's decided to drop his good news on Ashley like a bombshell.

"Sure!" replies Ashley, then does a double-take. "Out to eat like old times? What did the doctor say?"

“Well, he said I could drop the diet, seeing as my health is great.”

“Really? Wow! Did he really say that? He’s OK with you gaining more weight?”

"Well, not really, but he didn't say not to put on weight..."


"He said that my genes have an odd factor in them - some kind of difference that was activated by puberty, or maybe by my illness last year - in any case, my DNA is different, it makes my body different - basically it's changed how my body grows so that it seems to adapt to whatever size I am and whatever exercise I do. He said it might even be adapting to how much I eat!

"The takeaway is that even though I’m huge, I'm really healthy! Healthier than most teenage guys of ordinary weight! And, while Doc said he said he couldn't advise me to gain any more weight - I'm already twice as big as I 'should be', according to the medical charts - he did say that as long as I stay healthy, keep exercising, he wouldn't tell me to lose weight. In fact, he said I could go off my diet if it made me feel better. And when I asked him if my body would keep on adapting to my weight, he didn't see why it wouldn't. Basically, I can be any weight I want to, and as long as I keep lifting and playing ball my body will adapt to keep me healthy. Isn't that cool?"

"Does that mean..." Ashley paused.

"It means, I figure, that I can get as big as I want and still be perfectly healthy - I'll keep eating and lifting and growing and playing and my body will just adapt to all the added weight! I figure I literally CAN'T weigh too much - I can weigh whatever I want to, as long as I eat right and exercise!"

"And what you want to weigh is..." Ashley started to say, but Evan finished her sentence for her.

"What I want to weigh, to do, is to get as BIG as I can - I want to see what this body can DO! I don't just want to be the biggest guy in school, or in the city - I want to be the biggest guy EVER! C'mon Ashley, I gotta go EAT!"

"Oh Evan..."


The next Monday back at school, Evan is heading to the cafe at noon, followed by his groupees.

"OK girls, who's buying Evan lunch?"

"Me!" "I am!" "No, me!" "I will!" "I said it first!"

"Calm down! We ALL are!" Ashley said authoritatively, as she caught up to the others.


"Evan's doctor has taken him off his diet - he can go back to eating like he used to. So, we're ALL going to buy him lunch, and see just how much he can EAT!"



Two weeks later - Evan's clothes are suddenly tight - at least around the gut! In the two weeks since the doctor's visit (when he had been told he could drop his diet), Evan had resumed eating with gusto - and encouragement. Lots of gusto on his part. Lots of encouragement from Ashley - and a lot of other friends.

His Monday morning jeans were the same size 50s he’d worn to the doctor’s office two weeks before - though freshly laundered - but Evan was having considerable difficulty getting them done up. After the first quick attempt, Evan smiled. He took a firm grasp on the material with his big hands as he used his increasingly brawny arms to force the two ends of the waistband together, lifting and compressing all the new fat on his gut in the process. Slipping the button home, Evan let go, and his fat gut dropped back down, straining the waistband so hard that the seams creaked. Watching this in the mirror, Evan smiled even more broadly. Above the straining, contorted waistband of his jeans hung a ring of new, fat, flesh. Thanks to the too-tight jeans and his gain of the last two weeks, Evan had substantial love handles now, and a gut that hung out over the top of his jeans on the front and the sides.

"Man, I'm getting FAT!" Evan said out loud. "Now, what to wear with this..." Evan began to dig through a drawer, then noticed an old polo - 2XL - one he hadn't worn since the fall, when he'd first gone to the doctor about his weight gain. It had been skin-tight then...what would it look like now?

Evan eased the stressed fabric over his ample torso, then looked in the mirror again. The 2XL polo, its seams visibly straining, did not quite meet the jeans. Evan pulled down on it again, then let go, and watched as the polo crept back up, revealing again the ring of new flab around Evan's middle! Just for fun, he shook his fat gut - which made the too-tight polo creep upwards even further, revealing even more fat flesh.

"Gotta show this to Ashley!" Evan remarked with a grin, then his gurgling stomach reminded him it was breakfast time. "Mum won't like it though - better cover it up!" he added, and pulled a new 5XL hoodie on. Unlike the jeans, and polo, the hoodie was new, loose-fitting, and long enough to cover up the ring of fat that was poking out between the too-tight jeans and the outgrown polo.

"Wonder what Ashley will say - hope she has her tape today," he added to himself. Ashley knows how big he's getting - after all, she'd been with him just yesterday, as he ate his way through the Bavarian Haus' 'all you can eat' Wurst Night, but he'd been wearing sweats for that - sweats were a lot better for eating than jeans and a polo. Evan headed down the stairs to breakfast - the seams on the jeans creaking as his big thighs moved his increased weight - and his mother had a substantial breakfast ready for him.

"Another Monday," his mother remarked as he dropped perhaps a little too heavily into the chair. He wondered idly just how much weight he had gained since he'd dropped his diet. His mother, though, noted the creaking protest of the chair and mildly remarked, "Take it easy on the furniture, dear. Those jeans look a bit tight." Evan wolfed his breakfast - grabbed another glass of milk at the fridge and then grabbed his bag, heavy with 'snacks'.

"Bye mum, love you!" he shouted through the door, then bounded down the driveway. Ashley would already be on the bus when it stopped for him, and he couldn't wait to see what breakfast treat she had for him this morning. He hustled his substantial frame down the sidewalk to the bus stop, where two other kids were hanging out.

Zeph, as always, had his hand out for five, and Evan slapped him hard. "Evan, my man, looking bigger than ever!" Zeph remarked with a broad grin.

"Thanks!" replied Evan, then said quietly, "Hi Cath."

"Hi Evan," said the shy little girl.

The bus appeared within minutes and the three boarded, Evan going last as he really filled the doorway. Ashley was waiting in the usual seat two-thirds of the way back, and as she waved to him, Evan felt warm inside... and his stomach gurgled, knowing that the second phase of breakfast, as supplied by Ashley, was about to begin.

"Gotta a surprise for you, but can't show you 'til we get to school," announced Evan, as he set down his mass to occupy the two-thirds of the bench seat that Ashley wasn't using.

"And I've got one for you!" Ashley replied, handing him a carefully wrapped muffin. "And these muffins, too."

"Banana chocolate - all right!" remarked Evan happily after the first big bite.

With Evan gobbling down the dozen jumbo muffins like he’d had nothing to eat yet, the few miles to school passed quickly. Evan downed the litre of chocolate milk that Ashley had brought just before the bus came to a halt. The driver threw open the door, and the kids all started to file off, Evan waiting until almost the end, as he usually did. The driver, a grandmotherly type, wished each of the students “Have a nice day” as they got off, until Evan rolled up. “Have a fat day,” she blandly said, and when Ashley whipped around and stared at her in surprise, she smiled cherubically. “Now you just keep our big boy well fed,” the bus driver remarked, eyes twinkling, as Ashley stood, stunned.

“I will!” Ashley finally blurted out, racing down the steps to join Evan, who was waiting for her. Evan swung around magnificently, and set off for the door of the school, as the bus driver pulled out.

As Evan rolled his newly-enlarged self towards the door, the seams of the more-than-skintight jeans creaked occasionally in protest. “Where can we go that’s private?” he asked as they approached the door. “Somehow the café won’t cut it this morning!”

“Let’s head to Mrs. Bachman’s room - she doesn’t have a homeroom class, I’m sure she won’t mind. It’ll only take a minute,” Ashley replied.

“You can see the jeans,” said Evan as he halted just inside Mrs. Bachman’s empty classroom, “but you haven’t seen this since last October!” he continued, as he grabbed the bottom of the 5XL hoodie and pulled it over his head. As he did so, the straining XXL polo rolled up off his belly to just below his pecs, exposing the mass of his two-week’s gain. He looked down and rapidly pulled the polo down to the waistband of the jeans, only to have it immediately slide up a couple of inches, exposing again the ring of fat flesh between his overstuffed jeans and his gut. Ashley relished the sight of the generous love handles and spreading gut hanging over the waistband of the jeans, the polo stretched skin-tight above those.

“Wow,” she finally said, then walked around Evan, noting how his newly fattened gut and lovehandles made a ring of fat that hung out over the jeans’ waistband nearly all the way round. She reached out to grab a lovehandle, giving it a good shake and watching the polo retreat further upward from the movement. “You’re so big!” she added.

“Yeah, but how big?” asked Evan, as Ashley dug into the front pocket of her bag.

“We’ll soon know!” she replied, brandishing a tailor’s tape. “This is a new one,” she continued, “the old one only went to five feet. I ordered this one on-line - it goes to10 feet!”

Standing still, Evan held one end of the tape steady while Ashley walked around his fat equator. She brought the ends of the tape together. “60 inches! It was only 51 inches in March break. Now, around that chest,” she continued, pulling the tape up over Evan’s massive fattened pecs, “66! That’s down two inches from March break."

“Yeah, well, I haven’t done any lifting the last two weeks,” said Evan in a sheepish tone.

“Except for your fork, fat guy!” Ashley remarked. “All that food lifting might have kept your arms in shape,” she continued, wrapping the tape around one meaty biceps. “21 inches!” She looked down at his jeans, whose seams were showing every thread. “I’d measure your leg, but those jeans look more like compression shorts!” She put down the tape and then reached into her backpack and pulled out a package. “Since you’re growing again, you ought to have this!” she continued, handing a bag to Evan.

He opened the bag and pulled out a t-shirt. Shaking it open, he revealed a huge expanse of navy blue cloth decorated with a half circle of big gold letters across the top that read, “LIBERATED!” and below, in smaller letters, “Please feed me.”

“Freezer burn!” said Evan, as Ashley said, “It’s a 5XL - it celebrates the end of your diet!”

“Thank you!” Evan exclaimed, sweeping Ashley into his big arms and squeezing her against his padded chest and gut. Ashley loved being hugged by the Evan - it was soft, and warm, and safe inside his massive arms - and she revelled in the sensation.

Ashley disengaged slowly. A moment later, the warning bell rang, and Evan quickly grabbed the 2XL polo to change it for the new t-shirt. As he swept the tortured garment upwards over his enlarged torso, seams ripped under the pressure. Ashley smiled. “Well, you won’t wear that again!” she remarked, grabbing the failed garment and stuffing it in the trash. Evan quickly pulled the t-shirt on, and Ashley snuggled in beside him after he passed through the classroom doorway. “After school,” Ashley continued, “I think we’d better go get you some new jeans, don’t you think? Those ones look like they’ll blow a seam any moment.”

“OK,” said Evan. “They are 50s, after all.”

“Yeah, and you’ve got ten inches of gut hanging above them!” Ashley hung back as Evan passed through the classroom doorway, looking him over. "So much bulk, so tightly packaged," she murmured quietly to herself, checking out his tortured jeans - the waist band straining under the load of paunch and love handles, and the butt seams stretched taut by the massive boulders of his ass - for, unlike some fat guys, whenever Evan added to his tummy his buns grew too, as did his legs. Oh, those legs - Evan’s thunder thighs strained the side seams almost as badly as his butt did, and the calves below both seemed to be packing footballs - swelling and further straining the denim. Ashley wondered vaguely if Evan could even sit down....but of course, he’d been sitting on the bus. Sitting, and eating - which reminded Ashley that she’d better dig out his next ‘snack’....


Two weeks later, a mid-May weigh-in - 526 pounds, almost 3x Ashley’s weight. “Hey, I should put on a few pounds, see if you can catch up,” she suggests.
....Ashley puts on five pounds in 10 days to reach 180, Evan quadruples her, puts on 19 pounds in 10 days to 545.


Be sure to follow along in Part two!
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