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Recorded @ Studio 69 C & P 2008 Sikend Music C2M2Music.com Lyrics By: David Powell

I always new you were a selfish coward

Afraid of what I might bring to the table

Go ahead and lock me away for life

No windows my soul still sees daylight

No hope in sight

Escape is not for certain

(Not For Certain)

Can I conquer

And stop myself from drowning

(In my Despair)

I am hurt

So everyone must suffer

I am hurt

So I will force this pain on them

I am hurt

And through this pain I'll see compassion

I am Hurt

So stay away from my reaction

Guided by dreams that never see fruition

Close my eyes fade away and leave this pain

See the good things that I knew

Everything is ugly and dead to me

With my suffering

brings a change

I've been waiting for

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