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Loving my culture as a Navajo woman
There are those days when you know we've met a crossroad
Right or left has never been more confusing
Life's maps don't usually navigate our shortcomings
There are those paths full of green blades, yellow sunrises, & a crisp breeze
I've also traveled that path full of quick sand & sharp edges
I've captured each memory in a balloon and sent it to heaven
When I get there I know I'll have mountains of happiness to speak of
As for the black notes I've decided to burn them
I will send the ashes back down as lessons learned for the next generation
Seeds will grow from these lessons and turn into changes
Darkness will falter to shift into luminous tones
Beautiful will be those purples, blues, greens and pinks
Time will no longer have its boundaries
Freedom will be spread from those of native tongues
Of native minds
Of native hearts
These native tongues, minds and hearts will give birth to purity
Purity will reflect on our faces
On our hands
On our lands
Lessons will transition into creativeness
No longer will we be silent
Rising from the ashes of what was once unknown
Can now be the right hand of our people
Creation will set in our right hand
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