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My response to wrinkles. On a good day!
Looking in the mirror
at the lines on my face
I see my life before me.
The downturned mouth with deep furrows
etched from grief when my love died too soon.
Ditches between my eyes
from worry and concentration
and squinting to see better with the contacts I was too
vain to give up

But there are crinkles on my eyes
from smiling at my girl
and laughing at jokes with friends
and a few brown patches here and there.
Age spots they say,
but I remember standing on a boat
going full speed ahead into the wind
and turning my face to the sun
to bask in it's warmth

All determents they say. 
or reminders of days long gone by
each mark a symbol, a rememberance
of love and loss, laughter and tears,
dreams achieved and hopes dashed.
I see my life recorded
looking in the mirror
at the lines on my face.

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