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A character's "Rainy Season".
It's been long since I've seen the sun
To the surplus of clouds
It always succumbs
I search through the thick, not a single ray
I end my futile search
With a sigh of dismay
I miss those days when the sun took flight
It fights to shine through
But fails at the plight
Very soon the rain will begin
It comes everyday
Starts with darkness and wind
Up above all is filled with gray
They can hold it no longer
The clouds give way
The rainy season has come once more
The droplets descend
Again it pours
my eyes are clouded
I cannot see
for this familiar fog
in front of me
watery release of my sorrow again
when is the drought coming
Please let it begin
It's a new day and again I wait
For the next storm to come
But am I too late?
I look above, no dark or wind
neither is present
It can't be, I check again
There are clouds, but they are few
There is water
But in the form of dew
I search for the sign, could this be the day?
Peering through the clouds
Behold, a single sun ray
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