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I will be writing in character as Anne Boleyn.
*Flower4* *Flower5* I am Queen Anne Boleyn. My sister Mary and I both fell in love with King Henry VIII. Father and uncle wanted prestige and they were greedy. King Henry VIII wanted sons and the Queen wasn't able to have any more children. She had a stillborn son, a few miscarriages and a young daughter. Father and uncle wanted me to sleep with the King and give him a son. I was to be the King's mistress and whore! I wanted a husband of my own and I wanted love. I wouldn't find that with the King. I was right. I fell in love with King but the relationship was a
disaster. King Henry loved me. Who am I fooling? He lusted after me. Maybe he did love me at first but it turned to hate. He was a monster and a bastard.

My sister Mary and I were bought to the castle as ladies in waiting. Mary had a husband Harry Carey. King Henry made him a member of his court and seduced my sister. I was to be the King's lover. I wanted Henry. My sister betrayed me. I met Henry Percy and we flirted. Henry's father was a noble and I fell in love with Henry Percy. Let Mary have the King. Henry Percy and I were married. I told my sister and she told father and uncle. They annulled my marriage! Henry and I already consumated our marriage. I was heart broken. My sister, the witch betrayed me again. I hated her now. The sister I loved and adored was so greedy. She had the King. She was his mistress. She took King Henry and Henry Percy, my husband away from me. The bitch would pay. She would be sorry someday. I was sent to France. I lived with the King and Queen. I became a lady. My heart was mending. Father and uncle sent for me later. King Henry wanted me now. Mary was with child and was bed ridden. They were afraid she would lose the baby. It would serve her right.

*Flower4* *Flower3* I came back to England to live in the King's castle again. I went to see Mary. She was in bed. She was all swollen with child. I taunted her. I asked her if King Henry came to see her. I asked her if he proclaimed his undying love for her. The King hadn't. I told her she was a whore and I had made love with my husband and she destroyed that. I reminded her that she had broke Harry's heart and she didn't deserve love. King Henry would leave her. He wanted me now. I was going to destroy the King's marriage and be the next Queen of England. Poor pathetic Mary. The King didn't want her anymore.

*Flower3* *Flower4* I flirted with the King. He bought me presents. We danced at the balls. I hadn't slept with him. He had to prove his love for me first. Mary had a baby boy. Henry went to her room but didn't go in but stood outside her room. She showed Henry their son but the King walked away. We kissed and he told me that he wanted me. Mary was heartbroken. I was enjoying this. I hated her. Mary cried. I came back to her room and told her that he wanted nothing to do with her and her bastard son. I sent her back home. I told her I was already Queen. Henry was divorcing Queen Catherine. Mary left and I threw dirt at her as she left with her baby. Henry was by my side and we were laughing and hugging. Mary was crying. A part of me felt sad but I told myself Mary deserved this and that I hated her. She had tried to take Henry away from me. He was mine now. Queen Catherine asked me what I had done to her. She asked why I was taking her place as Queen. She liked me and Mary and I had sealed her fate. She told me I was evil. I asked myself what kind of person I was. Henry divorced Catherine. He wanted to take me to bed. I told him I would bed him after we were wed. Henry turned into a monster. He had an evil side. He raped me and sodomized me. It was quite painful. I hated him. We were married a few days later and I was now Queen. The former Queen Catherine went sent to a convent to live among the nuns.I felt sorry for her. Had the King been abusive to her? Maybe she was the lucky one. The same with Mary. They were free of the King. I no longer wanted the King or to be Queen. King Henry was a evil, vile man.

*flower* *Flower5* I did my wifely duty and I became pregnant. I wanted a son. I had a daughter. Henry was upset. He said we would try again. He took me when ever he wanted and I became pregnant again. I hated for him to touch me. This was my punishment. Mary Talbot, Henry Percy's wife told King Henry about my marriage to Henry Percy. King Henry was enraged. I lied. I told him Mary Talbot had lied. I sent for my sister. If she told Henry the truth, my fate was sealed. My sister told King Henry that Mary Talbot had lied. Henry believed her because Mary loved him. He trusted my sister. Mary and I made up and I felt terrible for all the things that had transpired against us. She forgave me. We were sisters again. I loved her. Henry had destroyed us and we had our sisterly relationship back. I will never hurt Mary again. She and my brother George and my daughter are the only people that I truly love and trust. My husband, The King be damned.

*Flower3* *Flower4* I miscarried a baby boy at four months. I was so heartbroken. Mary and George were with me. I begged George to make love to me so I could get pregnant. Henry couldn't know about the miscarriage. Mary left. She was disgusted. George and I didn't but Henry found out about this and George and I were both put in prison. Mary went to Henry on my behalf but Henry was so mad at me. He slapped me. He called me a whore and George and I were accused of treason. George was beheaded. I didn't get to tell George good bye. My sweet handsome brother was gone. Mary came to see me in prison. She promised to raise my daughter. King Henry destroyed mine, Mary and George's life along with my father and my uncle's help. I have made peace with God and I will die with dignity. I am to be beheaded. I hope it will be quick and painless. I will be with my brother George. I will be at peace. The last few years of my life has been miserable. I wish that Mary, George and I had never been invited to the King's castle. I wished that I had never been Queen. I am ready to leave this world. I know the after life will be better then this. I am ready for death .I will be free of Henry. He is the devil. I will find peace and happiness in the next life.
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