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Items I've awarded across WDC.
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*Heart*  We all have our favorites.  Maybe it was something uplifting, or something that moved us to tears.  Maybe the characters stuck with us and still linger in our memory.  Or, perhaps it sent a chill up our spine.  Each of us are different, and we all have our own reasons.  Though this list is sure to grow, these are some of my favorites across WDC.  I hope that you will stop by and let these talented authors know what you think!  *Heart* 

In a Moment's Breath ...  [13+]
A mother suffers guilt and gut-wrenching grief at the loss of her child.1st in Short Shots
by Mara ♣ McBain

Bring tissues.  This is a heartbreaking story of one mother's tragedy and the profound emotional impact it has had on her life. the vivid scenery and emotional turmoil will pull the reader under and batter them in the same way the waves batter the shore.

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by A Guest Visitor

As a lover of the moon and stars, I fell in love with Funnyface's words.  She lends a different perspective to the celestial sky.  It's a thought provoking piece that makes us wonder what other messages might be written before our eyes.

The Classic  [E]
An ex love described as a movie
by Kid Stardust

I found this piece nestled within Stardust's port and fell in love with it.  It speaks of love and loss, and how sometimes, we wish we could go back and rewrite the story of our lives.

The Trinity Falls Series   [E]
The Trinity Falls Series
by Mara ♣ McBain

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Mara's work.  With her usual, unique flair, Mara explores one cop's decision to break free from the force and extract justice of his own.  Packed full of gripping suspense and laugh-out-loud humor, this is a story with something for everyone.

The Interview  [E]
How quickly the world forgets.....
by fyn

A very poignant piece about history and what can happen if it is forgotten.  Fyn's story about the interview will leave many shocked and left to wonder how this could be...how this could happen.  An excellent item!

The Slave Princess   [18+]
It's easy to fool others, but not so easy to fool oneselves. Feedback?
by G E L

The tone and style of this piece blew me away.  The words here can be interpreted many ways, but this is one piece that felt as if it were written about me.  Every once in a while, we stumble across something that speaks to our soul and revels those dark secrets.  Check it out!

The Promise  [13+]
The distinct clickety-clack of an approaching train heralded the arrival of our destiny
by Shannon

A chilling story that I will not soon forget.  This story is told from a young woman's eyes as her world slowly falls victim to Nazi Germany and her family is deported.  Shannon's extraordinary ability shines through and we become, silent, unwittinging witnesses.  Hope is a powerful word.

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by A Guest Visitor

Loosely based on Cinderella, this is a moving story of love and acceptance.  It focuses on human emotion and acceptance in life, or the lack thereof.

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by A Guest Visitor

This is an adorable story told through a poem about a mouse.  We see the world through his eyes as the house's occupants decide he is no longer welcome to share their abode.  This humorous piece shows what can happen when one takes the little things in life too seriously!

Fate on a Monday Morning  [13+]
Monday, June 25, 2001.
by The StoryMistress

We all know StoryMaster and StoryMistress have a heart of gold.  As a fellow animal and cat lover, I found the story of how Stevie came into their lives to be an emotional and moving tail...err...tale.  One moment of our time can make all the difference in the world, and sometimes that choice is a matter of life and death.

Frozen Angel  [GC]
A missing child turns up dead... fictional account on a true crime that happened Nov 2006
by Olivia

Oliva tends to focus on the dark, painful aspects of life that many of us like to pretend don't exist.  This is a powerful and gripping tale of a child lost in the system, a harrowing story of abuse and the silent victims many tend to overlook.

Short & not always so Sweet!   [E]
Just a place to house my shorter literary works and/or contest entries.
by Mara ♣ McBain

Mara's short story folder is one of my favorite hangouts.  Full of empassioned stories and bold characters, she offers a tantalizing selection.  She's an amazing author and her characters stick with you.  Take a look around, I promise you won't be dissapointed!

I Walk  [18+]
A journal found outside a public restroom, it was just recently released to the public.
by Coyote Smith

Grand Prize winner in my horror contest!  This story stuck with me.  Written in the form of a journal, this is one person's unsettling account with the unknown.  The end left me with a distinct set of goosebumps.  Awesome idea and a chilling concept.  Coyote is one author I plan to keep my eye on!

The Visitant  [13+]
Some things aren't welcome
by James Parker

My 1st place pick.  James had me on the edge of my seat with this hair-raising story of one man's experience in the woods.  It brought to mind the legends about the infamous Jersey Devil and left me with chills.  With his flavorful style and stunning imagery, this will grip a reader until the end.

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by A Guest Visitor

This story took 2nd place in my horror contest and several bold leaps.  Jerry stunned, enthralled, and repulsed me with this engaging read.  He's a brave author with a vast amount of talent.  The tale centers around a strange loner with an unsettling penchance for the dead.  This story is not for those weak of stomach, but worth every second of squirming!

Penance  [18+]
The price is paid for human arrogance.
by Jeff

3rd place winner in my horror contest.  SoCal wrote a gripping tale that both disturbs and yanks at the reader's heartstrings.  One woman's desperate attempt to cure her husband's cancer leads to devestating consequences for them both.  Her nightmare is unending.  An impressive story written by a great author.

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by A Guest Visitor

Nomar is one of my favorite horror writers.  Here, he threw unimaginable terror my way as I read about the escapades of two homeless teens.  A story not for the faint of heart or easily frightened, this talented author shows why sometimes it is better to deal with the lot we are given in life than to yearn for something more.

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by A Guest Visitor

Alice's tale offers a unique POV.  Written from the standpoint of Nin the cat, we witness the world through her eyes.  It is a scary place filled with unspeakable horror.

"The Book"  [18+]
An ancient book threatens to either expose or consume the CEO of a publishing company.
by George R. Lasher

A really well written story with a riveting plot!  George's main character is a CEO who receives a unique birthday present...a book that should only be read by those pure of heart and deed.  What ensues is a gripping tale of terror.  Really well done and a worthwhile read!

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by A Guest Visitor

After reading Lee's story, you will never look at this nursery rhyme again.  This talented author wrote a nail-biting tale that takes the reader from an an 1800's serial killer's POV, to a gripping account of how his crimes are unearthed two centuries later.  Both emotional and terrifying, this story holds a little something for everyone.

Ella  [13+]
Pseudo Horror Story
by Skurpio

WWharton's tale of a young, expectant mother is one that will stick with me.  This unsettling tale of horror plays on human emotion and explores depths none of us should ever have to face.  Great writing, wonderful story!

Horror  [18+]
Flash Fiction and creepy things that lurk in the dark shadows.
by Nomar Knight

Nomar is among the best horror writers I have read, onsite or off.  His stories will make you think and continue to chill long after you've finished reading the written word.  In fact, I had a hard time picking one or two favorites, so I awarded the entire folder!

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by A Guest Visitor

Jennifer's tale of a vengeful man's mindset is both haunting and disturbing.  He's fed up with the world and knows right where to hit people to hurt them the most.  This is one story that will stick with a reader and make us hug our children a bit tighter as we scramble to think who we might have wronged in the past.

Dream 1: She carries me.  [13+]
This first dream occurred the night of September 27, 2007.
by Jane

jmpdk3's beautiful story of the love between a mother and daughter had me bawling like a baby.  Powerful, emotional, it shows that even death is not strong enough to break some bonds.  This emotional experience is a must read.

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by A Guest Visitor

Chloe's insightful article embodies what life is truly about.  It's inspiring and uplifting, and left me with a huge smile on my face.  I actually had one of those rare, warm, fuzzy moments.  *Shock*

Shopper's Remorse  [ASR]
The day I officially quit smoking...
by aceshanti

This story had me laughing until my sides hurt.  New WDC member, Aceshanti, delivers a comedic recantion of a day gone bad and one person's struggle to stay sane in the throes of withdrawl.  Anyone looking for a good laugh should check this one out!

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by A Guest Visitor

Not your everyday bear!  Ariana gave me chills with this emotional horror story.  It is one that I've raved about to several friends.  Original and breathtaking, Malcom will stick with you.

Erotic Tales of Pleasure & Pain~closed!   [18+]
Valentine's Day is coming, but what if you like your erotica a little naughty?
by Mara ♣ McBain

A wonderful contest with generous prizes!  This is one activity certain to spark some intense heat!

When The Dust Settles  [GC]
Very unsettling story of a disturbed man looking for comfort.
by Robert 'BobCat'

A thrilling contest entry.  BobCat won me over with his gripping style and prolific writing as he explored one character's humble beginnings and sinister descent!

An Ordinary, Average Guy  [13+]
Note: this story was written for to meet the guidelines of contest...
by Kwalla

Another exceptional contest entry.  Kraven reminded me how dangerous it is to believe in appearances.  The devil does love idle hands!

Voyeur  [GC]
Looking in on the new neighbors.
by Mara ♣ McBain

While steamy, this tale was also disturbing.  Mara reminds us to double check those blinds at night, for we never know who is watching and why!

The Refuge  [18+]
A lighthouse offers safety, perhaps a refuge for wayward souls.
by Jace

A haunting tale of love and loss.  Scribe stole my heart with this contest entry about the innocence and pain surrounding our first love...and how somethings never die.

Her Gilded Prison  [18+]
An abused wife is forced back to her gilded prison. Entry for Sinister Kisses contest
by S. L. Britton

Intense contest entry.  S.L. had me on the edge of my seat with this gripping tale of abuse and one woman's fight to escape.

The Light of Savannah  [13+]
In an era of darkness, Young Savannah learns a lesson about the power of 'light'
by iKïyå§ama

This one still haunts me.  Kiyasama has a knack for creating dark atmospheres and characters that stick with you.  Savannah is sure to touch even the staunchest of hearts.

Break Me  [18+]
Faced with unspeakable abuse, one woman's fight to survive, to bend, but never break.
by Mara ♣ McBain

This one is a work in progress, but worth the ribbon.  Mara takes readers through an an abused woman's emotional journey.  Was freedom worth the cost?

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Great contest entry!  I really loved Thomas's disgruntled villain and the twist at the end.  A heartrending example of how we are infulenced by our environment.

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Wow!  Sandi's story reminded me of The Green Mile in ways, but unique on to her.  An intense, emotional read, this breathtaking tale will leave you with your jaw hanging!

A Monster's Heart  [13+]
A serial killer awakens from a coma to a harsh reality he is not prepared for...
by iKïyå§ama

Another fabulous tale from Kiya.  This one had me chomping at the bit for more as we study a memorable serial killer and piece together some of his life.  Both human and chilling, this cunning man is one I will not forget.

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Ruthy is one of the first items I ever awarded.  Noe's touching story had me bawling like a baby and still lingers in my memory.  This is a powerful story of a mother and daughter with a memorable twist.

*Sad*  Going through this list, I realized quite a few items are missing.  Such is the way of things, I suppose.  I would have liked to share those as well, but there will be more items added as I go along!  Keep writing, keep reading, and best wishes to you all!  *Heart*

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