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When a killer escapes from jail, will Rachel be safe?
"Rachel, calm down. He can't hurt you when these camera are operated." said the officer.
"He could find a way! Hes in love with me, he'll find a way!" said Rachel
"We'll move you to a different location again."
"No! You already MOVED me and he FOUND me."
The officer started packing all her clothes in locked suitcases. Rachel started pulling him away, but he was to strong.
Rachel was moved into a different state, so that Garner couldn't find her as easy. She had to restart her whole life. Her new name was Katie Tiltester. She worked for a nursing home. Instead of living in Mississippi, she now lived in Illinois. Apartment 6, 4th floor. Building 221 on Carp street.
Garner was hysterically in tears when Rachel, or Katie, refused to see him. He went to a street where his gang was left. They were still there, waiting. Drapes, the strongest of the group, was sharpening his knife. Mythic, the man who planned all the attacks, had a plan ready for Garner to persuade/force Rachel into loving him.
Garner came to the dark alley that night. "So, it took you this long to stab one guard in the ribs?" said Drapes.
"You have had a hard time getting out when the guards ware protective gear that go 4 inches out."
"Never mind that," said Mythic, "I have plans for you and Rachel." He showed Garner the plan. Garner took them to the back of her home, before she moved to Illinois. Garner and Mythic climbed up the fire stair case in the building. They covered the cameras so that they couldn't be caught. Mythic lead him into the bathroom, where Rachel wouldn't expect him to be.
Rachel came there to pick up her last package, which was in the bathroom. Rachel opened the door, she screamed when she saw him. Garner covered her mouth. He started to hug her and whispered in her ear, "Your coming with me, so that our love with stay with us forever. I'll never let you go, I will never let go of you."
Rachel started to cry.
Mythic open the window leading to the fire staircase on the side of the building. He took Rachel and moved her into the alley, were Garner kissed her repeatedly on the neck. She was against the wall so that she couldn't run away. That night Garner and Rachel were moving from place to place where they could stay.
The police were notified by Rachel, but they couldn't locate her because they had changed all the files. Rachel was forced into a marrige the next day. They had gotten papers filed, approved by law which made it legal. But Rachel wanted it to be illegal so that she wouldn't marry a criminal.
It was in her newest name, Katie Tiltester. Soon to be Katie Haster. Rachel was having a terrible life now, nothing was right. Her friends were murdered by the man who forced her into marrige. She had no income, no place to live, had become part of a street gang. She had just remembered something though, where is her child that he kidnapped?
"Garner, where is my child Barley?"
"Oh, I had forgotten about him. But he is in the old home that I used for finding you, the greatest thing I had ever done."
Rachel started to cry, "Is he alive?"
"Of course he is, Barley is now our child."
They walked to the old home. Barely was eight now. He was uneducated so he didn't know much. When Rachel ran into the room to give Barely a hug, Garner had pulled her back causing her to fall. "I'm sorry Rachel, but this is how it must be," said Garner pulling out her knife, "Our son is going to live how I teach him, everything I do he will do. When he grows up he will work for a computer agency then murder his manager. Then will join a street gang like me." Rachel shook her head, "I won't let that happen. You can't decide his life for him!" She started to cry. Garner stood on her leg. "He will do as I say." "I won't.... I won't let it happen. Leave us alone!" He stood on her other leg. "Don't refuse, you have no idea what I could have you relive. "Don't touch me or Barely! We don't belong to you!"
Garner slapped Rachel. "Rachel, don't have me kill you in front of you kid. I love you, and you love me that why were getting married."
"No... I won't marry you Garner! I don't love you! You know that. If you truly loved me you would have let me marry who I felt was right."
"I AM right for you! Don't make me kill my love and child."
"I'm not! Your going to do it yourself, so you'll hurt yourslef."
Garner got his knife ready. "Will I kill you... but it would scare me forever."
The cops had just located Rachel, after the whole day. They were in a rush to get to her before anything else happened. At 78 miles per hour, it should be easier.
Garner let Rachel move, she ran to Barely. She moved his head, Rachel sees that his neck is slit. The blood was dried, like he was killed the day he was kidnapped.
"Why would you do this? I would think you would never want to see me in pain if you loved me!" said Rachel.
"It was just a trap to get you to come here." Garner came closer to Rachel, so she ran into another room.
"Stop running!" said Garner.
"Then leave me alone!" cried Rachel.
"Never! You are my love and I will NEVER let you go!"
Rachel ran out the other door. She tried to leave the building. Garner jumped in front of the door and push her down. She cried and screamed when Garner was trying to stab her in her chest. He was missing by a centimeter, so Rachel got more nervous every time that he missed. Somehow she got enough strength to push him off of her. Then Drapes came in through the window. He slapper her so hard that she flew to the other side of the room. The cops slammed the door open. Garner went and grabbed Rachel trying to dash out the window. Drapes was blocking the cops from getting them. A cop went to a drastic measure and shot him. They brang his body out the door to an ambulance.
Cops were outside where Garner pushed Rachel out the window. They caught her before she hit the ground. Garner fell and was finally caught. Rachel was still moved to Illinois where records are set to. So, I guess you could say that Rachel finally had a happy ending. Thank God...

The End

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