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Book Review
Book Review: "The African Word-Selected Works" Vol. 1 & 2/

Dr. Batu Shakari - Shakari Publications

Dr. Batu Shakari has done it again.

The African Word newsletter now entering its 12th year of existence is the official organ of the African World Research Institute. Dr. Shakari The institutes founder /director, author of nine previous books, is best known for his groundbreaking tome Tribalism, Mysticism, Primitivism and the Rise of Genocide Against the African World ('91). In what can be called its, magnum opus 'The African Word-Selected Works, Vol. 1 & 2' compiles a 'best of' series of timely articles originally appearing in the seminal newsletter.

Located on east 75th Street, in the heart of Chicago's Black south side the AWRI recently eclipsed a decade of invaluable service to that community by featuring weekly/year long educational programs through neighborhood out reach. In many respects the AWRI is something of a 'throw-back' to the helicon days of Haki Madhubuti's Institute of Positive Education in the late 60s & 70s. Dr. Shakari has picked up the mantle in this regard, for (the) IPE was abandoned for the relative greater societal safety net of 'public' education.

As social activist Amiri Baraka pointed out when bemoaning the untimely demise of the Black liberation movement, "The (60s) revolution was over once their names were on the door of some academic office". And some might argue that same spirit of Black liberation without compromise just mellowed out - cooling its heels against the 'cha-ching'! sounds of administrative endowments and corporate largesse. The AWRI has no corporate safety net to speak of. It is genuinely grassroots. And remarkably so.

"Promoting and exploring concepts and principles necessary for advancing the cause of out liberation, and the rebuilding of our own modern and independent civilization and culture" is certainly the AWRI's guiding credo. Citing but not lamenting a rather "limited" readership this impressive two volume set augments and defines the newsletter. Purposeful and clear in addressing the overall conditions of the Black diaspora, throughout 'Selected Works, Vol.1 & 2' we are entreated to Black cilivization's historic rise, fall and decline world wide through the genocidal process of European indoctrination and incidious death.

Both volumes comprise over 50 articles each with titles that range from philosophical theories; "Violence and Universal Law", "The Tragic Truth About Black Male/Female Relationships", and "Raising Our Children For Freedom and Independence". To practical applications; "Life: The First Principle", "It Takes A Whole Nations to Raise A Child", and "The Real Meaning of Unity: Working With Each Other Despite Our Differences of Disagreements." There are discussions of current events "Vital Statistics On Africa", "Y2K:The Bitter Lessons of History Repeating Itself", and "The World Trade Center Disaster;A Grassroots Panel Discussion".

There are also articles emphasizing African Global unity in; "Promoting The Spread of Maat Throughout The World", "Black History:Loving It, Learning It" and "Tribute To Our Great Black Heroes and Sheroes".

And while Dr. Shakari is the principle author of many of these articles the other contributors are Akeelah, Tunu, Zakiya, and Nurah Y. Shakari; Nkosi Mundari, Fambilikile Xhen Nozakhare, Waahsaun Daa, L.A. Emenari, III and several others.

The working subtitle of this highly distinctive and monumental set is "Building a Revolutionary Education for the Liberation of The African World." A mantra that cannot be denied. No doubt a visionary vanguard in a desperately bleak western world view, The African Word has it all in focus.

L.A. Emenari, III

Sharkari Publications, 430 E. 162 nd Street, Suite 192, South Holland, Il 60473

ISBN: 978-0-615-20187-0/ Vol. 1 - 476pg. / Vol. 2-553 pg.

Suggested retail cost: $39.95 each volume
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