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poetry,goddess, god, faith, the path, love , light and darkness
Dawn awaking the world, the light in which thou seeks has been sought. Make a wish, it fastly becomes reality. The longing and need are filled with now what is reality. Dreams are taking over, night becomes me.
Traveling though the worlds, what do thou seek? Justice and hope and peace and above all love is what that in which I seek, it has been found by a mere mortal and that of her heart and ways of her lovers soul.
Faith is what up holds the heart and the soul of these mortals, the mind and body are entrusted to one other.
Though the night darkness sets forth, the haunting of one's past fights to be known, past can’t not win for the path in which lays of the future shall make the mortal stronger and of a pure being.
Midnight's summer dreams are aroused and thought of; can the mere mortal know the ways of the gods?
Desire of the night pulls the way in which the light shifts
this time the dark shall conquer what should be light.
"My love and heart belongs to you and for you alone does my soul sing too", whispered the mortal girl to that of her lover who sleeps of sound and peace.
By the shadows of the night, I become the dark; the light is within you and in your heart.
"Lover I take leave to join the ways of the night, you shall know me though the full moon and then we shall be together once more yet only in the night and ways of the shadows shall I return to thee"
I look upon this love once more before returning to my home, in the midnight sky
The girls lovers awakes to find her gone.
"My lover gone, my heart shattered, my soul is dyeing, oh lover of my heart and keeper of my faith return to me fore I’m nothing without your love and trust", cried the mortals’ lover.
I look down from the stars and feel your pain and hold your tears-"Dear heart I can’t return to you as the night has become me and now I’m the keepers of mortals fates and holder of souls" understand my love for you is always within reach just look in your heart and there our love and I shall forever remain.
After hearing his lovers mind in his own thoughts, dawn was appearing and so was the new creature in which he was fastly becoming-a wolf.
Once more night falls.
"Oh lover can you hear me for tis a full moon and we can be together this one night" cried the mortal who was now in women form.
"Dearest heart, I’m afraid the sadness I’ve felt when I knew I never hold you with in these arms again was just too much for me to bear, so my sadness and heart that was broken turned me in to this wolf, I’m sorry love".
Knowing this form her one and only love, she found herself wishing she choose death instead of knowing the dark, she now took both her and her lovers souls and made them stars, the body of the wolf and her lover have been placed to rest under the tallest oak and when one walks by the tree one will know what has happened to mortal lovers who follow their hearts, as when they look up in the sky on a clear night they will see what looks to be like two people holding and loving each other in the form of a wolf and of a dark fairy queen who know how to love. The souls in the stars will be watching the world of mortals to show others how to love and how to overcome sadness that sometimes comes in the ways of mortals
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