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The full moon casts a shadow. That shadow leads to the ocean. Follow the path that leads you the beach. As the waves crush against your legs a song from the heart of the ocean pulls at the depth of your soul. Aware of how the salt from the midnight breeze catches your skin. An understanding of emotion. Looking across the ocean, seeking yet not completely finding. A bridge appears but is that really there or is this bridge of passage of you? Visions of the past arise and your heart recalls yet knows.
Emotions’ swim thought your body but all the same cannot recall the reasoning of those feeling’s. A dolphin’s swim’s to the low of the beach, and is a guide to all things past and all things present. Go with the dolphin to unlock the present or stay within the safety of what lays within the past. Climbing aboard the back of the dolphin, you realize without a doubt that who you have become is nothing ever more because who you are about to become us the present.
Jewels of the ocean arise beneath you. Gifts of the sea entangle your spirit. Riches of your imagination are live just as the night is all around you. “Will I remember the gifts of the sea, the way I envision life now or is this something of a world only within dreams” my heart and spirit spoke to my guide, my dolphin. “You will always know the past, but the present is forever more changing, just as the ocean is never the same color more than twice, just as the clouds are never the same shape, just as the sand beneath your toes never feels the same even though you walk on it every day and just as you never take the same breath of air “. “The present is never the same after the moment has passed, it becomes the past and the future of what will be “, whispered the dolphin. But I didn’t hear him with my ears but rather with my soul.
I traveled some more with my dolphin, my guide. “How long is the present and can forever live within the present”, I asked my companion, as we reached the deepest ends of the ocean.
“Oh, friend that is an easy thought, we can only live as the moment lasts then it become the past. Future, present is something that has not yet happened,” said the smiling guide. As I realize that is what this dolphin was trying to teach me all along. As I looked around once more, I was in bed and warm.
The ocean was gone, as was this dolphin that I’d come to love and to cherish .Was this just a dream? I opened my heart and found within the shadow of a dolphin, the impression of the lessons learned by the present. Later that morning I walked to the beach and knew once more all that had happened was real because that bridge was not only from my emotions but solid as the bridge read “To look to the past is to be tied to the land, to embrace the present us to ride along the waves with the dolphins”.
“While finding and leaving thou old self and becoming someone new”.
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