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FIRST PLACE Authors' Spotlight Competition, August 2008
This was an assignment/challenge/task for the AUTHOR'S SPOTLIGHT Competition:

Write a poem
Any poetic device
No line limit
Select one of the following prompts:
1. Hungry Soul
2. Crippled Heart
3. Cold Grave

My Entry

Pffft! I just knew I would have to write a poem. Ok, well, I am going to write two limericks to weave a little story.

A limerick has five lines, with three metrical feet in the first, second, and fifth lines and two metrical feet in the third and fourth lines. A variety of types of metrical foot can be used, but the most typical are the amphibrach (a stressed syllable between two unstressed syllables) and the anapaest (two unstressed syllables followed by a stressed syllable). The rhyme scheme is usually AABBA. .

Cold Grave
The Moonshiners' Fate

There once was a grave, cold and dreary.
To think of it makes me grow weary.
But write of it I must,
Or this contest's a bust.
Maybe not; but that is my theory.

Now this cold grave gave me the willies.
I'm told it's haunted by hillbillies.
Running moonshine, they did.
Jumping in it, they hid.
They got caught. Now they're pushing up lillies.

Huh! I suppose you think that was easy, dontcha? Pfffft. I am going to put an icepack on my head. Humblest apologies to all serious poets.

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