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I sit here uninspired... writer's block
Grasping Inner Inspiration…

I sit here uninspired;
I sit here all alone;
I sit here in this slump I’ve made;
I sit here – kind of thrown…

Why can’t I carve my thoughts?
Why can’t I pen my rhymes?
Why can’t I just sit down – create?
Why can’t I write sometimes?

I wonder, is it me?
I wonder in my mind;
I wonder if I’ll get it back?
I wonder – unconfined…

To write is what I love;
To write is how I live;
To write – it makes me so complete;
To write – is how I give…

My soul needs freedom’s spark;
My soul needs gentle care;
My soul needs to express itself;
My soul needs rhyming prayer…

I ask of Thee to bless;
I ask of Thee to mold;
I ask of Thee to give me strength –
I ask that I behold…

I’m ready to begin;
I’m ready – hit the keys!
I’m ready to create again;
I’m ready – it relieves…
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