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What are we teaching our children?
Sharpened Claws…

Ignorance breeds fear and hate
in those too blind to see;
I’m speaking for the childrens' sake -
we hold their destiny.
The poisoned minds of parents
are instilling harmful lies;
their children tend to follow -
so the hate intensifies.

They teach their offspring to delight
in sheer abomination;
they’ve got no use for Black or Jew,
and wish their termination.
Their talk is crass, their minds appall,
the children often hear
how Mom and Dad detest all those
not White - with thoughts, severe.

What answers can we furnish
that might break the barriers?
What evidence have they to show
that we are carriers?
God’s glory is disgraced by those
who hate without a cause -
We must act fast - before our kids
start sharpening their claws!

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