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by JP
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Comedy · #1480153
Second issue, but can be read alone. It's an adventure through hell.
Issue 2

Jesus was about to say something, but was interrupted by a low moaning gurgle. He tried to speak again but the moaning returned, this time followed by a long rattlely sort of breathing, which sent a sort of chilly electricity through the air. “Ahh shit not again,” Jesus said. Bodies, horribly misshapen bodies, disfigured in rot and decay rose twisting through the earth surrounding them. Their faces were bent into agony.

“Run,” Jesus said as the two leapt in a desperate pace away from terrible shrieks. The sand was loose and wet under their feet as they went. The admin looked back to see Jesus slip, falling as the creatures quickly closed in on them. The admin had just enough time to pick Jesus up and continue their desperate chase. “In here,” Jesus said.

The two entered an abandoned shipping container as Jesus slammed the doors shut, placing a bar across the doors.
“Fuck, that is annoying,” Jesus said. “What are these things?” the admin said through the loud metallic pounding of their attackers. “My followers, I think. It has been so long now that I don’t remember,” Jesus said. “What do they want?” the admin said. “I am not sure, but whatever it is, I know that I can’t give it to them,” Jesus said slumping down against the wall. “Sorry,” was all the admin could say as he sat down in front of him. “Well, this is my hell and not yours,” Jesus said. “See everyone wants to be a special little snowflake and no one wants to just do the right thing.” Jesus said sighing. “Maybe they are just lost,” the admin said as the metallic pounding rattled his nerves. “Maybe they are fucking zombies,” Jesus said. “Look, you helped me out back there, so we are even steven. I am letting you go free,” Jesus said. Jesus opened a door at the opposite end of the trailer, which bled white blinding light and pushed the Admin through.
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