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Out of the bleu, I'm on a roll.
if this doesn't kill me, i don't know what will.
hearts don't bend, they break, and mine's shattered in so many pieces i'll never be able to put it together. pieces jumping and suffocating for some fresh air: please open a window this smoke is killer.

i feel emptier than ever, and lyrics are scratching at my remains whispering horrible words in my ears.

i'm too dangerous to love.
i'm always making wishes on burnt out stars, and broken 11:11's.

this war inside my mind is killing me.
oh doctor, i beg to differ.

it's sad when people you know
become people you knew;
packing up the moon and stars in a cardboard box
and painting the sky a deeper shade of black.

Empty dreams only disappoint in a room behind your smile.
Send me an angel,
Right now.

can't shake this feeling something bad is going to go down.
i can't shake this feeling that somebody's gonna get hurt; no matter how hard i try to prevent it.
he shouldn't have to see what he's gone through behind closed lids.
commercial breaks for viagra and vasectomy's.
(universal. who would've thunk it?)

i'm supposed to harbor all those demons. keep them locked in a steel cage just to hear their screams tremor through my veins. instead of blood, i've got red hot wires coursing me, every nerve ending being extremely sensitive to others.

how can you be beautiful but horrible at the same exact time?
isn't that like.. the devil is disguise?
is THAT what i am? a messenger of the devil, sent to wreck homes?
but i don't mean to.

after a while of hurtful words weighing you down
and drowning you in your own failure,
your arms get stronger and help you reach the surface.
if not, you're almost reaching the surface, fingertips almost touching the top but
something’s holding you back. something is always
pulling you back under, robbing you of a breath.
and you're stuck watching the bubbles rise to the top and
wishing to be as free as them.

I’m constrained by silent handcuffs.
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