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by Mel
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Good friendship is hard to find, but easy to lose.
Good friendship is hard to find, but easy to lose. I realized that saying is true, knowing I lost the best friend Lindsie, the best friend I’ve ever had. I learned my lesson the hard way.

I was in the 8th grade and I was new to Georgia. I came from Florida. I was about 6 hours from my beloved hometown, the place I lived my whole life. I left my friends, my family and my ex Chris. We were so close; it’s hard to go away know that I was loved. Everything I left I loved with all my heart and more! I never thought I would have to leave them.

My first day of 8th grade was alright, but then weeks passed, I made a new friend Lindsie who also moved far away from her hometown as well. She lived in Michigan. We began to notice that we had tons in common and started to hang out with each other.
We became very close friends. Laughing, playing, and just having a jolly good old’ time together. We’d hang out almost every single weekend. We’d go to movies, and go swimming at the YWCA. She understood me, and how I view everything in this unpredictable world were living in today.

Eight grade was over. High school was calling our names. We were still the best of friends but much closer. I’ve never had a better friend. 9th grade went by so fast I can hardly remember. When 10th grade came along, Lindsie drifted away; she was different. She went up to Michigan during 9th grade summer vacation and was a totally different person. She was also and still is dating a guy named Niko. I hated that she was always with him and not me. I was her best friend; I knew all her secrets, her deepest and darkest ones. She knew mine as well. I couldn’t stand it! She was not my best friend anymore.

Lindsie wrote me a note and told me that we are totally different people. We just haven’t been together to see the change. When I put the note down, I walked out of the class, trying not to make a scene and just broke down in the hallway. I tried to suck it up but the tears were still rolling from my eyes. It hurt terribly that she knew me, or at least used to. Lindise was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me! She made me smile when I was down, picked me up when I failed to get up, laughed at my lame jokes when they weren’t even funny, and made a bad situation into a good one. That’s when I remembered the phase “Friendship never ends”

At this very moment we are no longer friends, we don’t even talk. It still hurts to know how great of a friendship we had with each other. Change is good though; it helps you find you inside, to understand who really are, and to find that person someday. Change is good. I’m still standing. I have awesome friends, ones who care about me and love me. I also have changed myself. I’m still looking for that person. When I find her I will be better off. So when you are with your best friend, ask them…Friends Forever?
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