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Pt. 1 of my Adaption of "The Last Mistress" unedited, rough draft
One look at Felicity, a French beauty, and you could be sure that she had been raised as an aristocrat. The proud way she held her seventeen year old self was unlike all the other girls her age. Never did she doubt herself or think someone was her superior. That confidence was what attracted Ryno de Raulde’s attention. He was a proud man himself and finding that same quality in a potential mate was riveting to him. One look from Felicity to Ryno, with his dangerous and seductive features, and they were involved in a steamy courtship. Part of the French Aristocracy looked down upon Ryno but the other part thought highly of it for Ryno was known all across the land. Some thought this union would be a masterpiece. Others a disaster. Who would be right in their assumption? Who could tell? But the intervention of Ryno’s mistress of could be the possible demise of the potential couple Ryno and Felicity. 

* * *

Her languid body was draped helter-skelter over the chair, her limbs and hair alike in a tangle. His eyes grazed appraisingly over her, desire mixed with mocking curiosity in his scrutiny. She was as appealing to him as she had been for the past 10 years. But there comes a time when one must rid of all playthings and this mistress's time was approaching quick. His fury for her had only heightened the intenseness of their forbidden meetings long ago. Now his life had changed and he loved Felicity. Not Maeve. Ryno would leave to marry the naïve aristocrat and never think of the daring damsel Maeve again. He pondered all of this while his mistress stared curiously at his troubled expression.

“I have to leave you, I hope you know,” Ryno spoke. He was merely stating a fact; the subject was clearly not up for discussion.

“Oh you think you have to leave and I understand that. But you will come back to me Ryno, just like always. Just like always.” And with that sentencing note, Maeve left Ryno alone with his thoughts.

* * *

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