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Just so you know I'm thinking about you.
We are both sharks and butterflies: vicious and fragile.
The party is behind your ribs, man.

Hearts intertwine like vines
on long forgotten trails
that once led the way back home;
keep my heart warm,
but don’t leave the light on.
I’m off to walk the ocean and sleep with the jellyfish
and can meet me somewhere between here and there
we will exchange war stories of pool fights and crazy ideas
and I’ll tell you how my heart only beats for you
and how through everything it would remain true to you
and maybe your eyes will shine in the moonlight
reflecting back a love that could destroy the world
and maybe you will close your eyes and lean in close
making my heart skip beats like a pro
making my mind swim with new ideas and crazy plans
and maybe you will take my hand and walk with me awhile
down this broken path built from good intentions
we can sleep with the jellyfish
and count how many comparisons I can make between your eyes and the moon.

Here’s to living completely in a make-believe world shared only by lovers;
the world spins differently here. And you, my dear, are the only one welcome.
Good night, world.

&In the middle of the night when your eyes are aching,
and your heart is pounding,
just remember I am yours, to do what you will
Kiss me hard because tonight every songs ours,
and every second is one more second off forever;
hold me tight and promise me forever (just one more time).
I just need to hear you say it.
This is always going to be me and you;
the last forever kids.

dream fast. wish hard.

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