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this story is in the form of an interview with mahatma gandhi
The following is an interview with mahatma gandhi conducted through planchet. i am the interviewer and a friend of mine who chooses to remain anonymous is the medium.

I: mahatma gandhi are u present amongst us?
I: i repeat,mahatma gandhi are u present here?
I:can you hear me sir?
medium:i can hear u clearly
I: how does it feel sir to be back on earth?
Medium:i feel sad
I: why?
medium:i have disowned violence all my life. however todays world seems to be the most violent place in the universe.
medium:but there are reasons for that.a new epidemic of the name terrorism has gripped the whole world. in fact it is called the global fight against terror. are you aware of this phenomenon?
medium: i am ! but i cannot understand the language of violence.
I: how can you say that sir? are u suggesting that when the terrorists are bombing us , we should do nothing?
medium: do you believe that violence retaliation will stop their action?
I: may be not. but atleast it will save us from the future dangers?
medium: and who guarantees that?
I: it is not a question of guarantee. is is an act of self defence against mass murderers.
medium: that is what you think
I: what do you mean?
medium: i mean that violence and counter violence go hand in hand. there is no end to it.
I: ok agreed. so tell us what should we do? wait till someone comes and guns down our people?
medium:what is this concept of our people? the whole world is one family.it is we who have drawn borders between lands. remember god created land wthout any border
I: u are deviating from the main subject. how do u prefer to see an end to this ongoing violence in various parts of the world?
medium:everyone should start looking into the future.the furture will tel us what to do.our children and grandchildren do not deserve this from us. what are we giving them for their future?violence,danger,environmental hazards,and conflict?do they deserve these things from us? are we so incapable that we cannot even gift them a safe world? and if we do, then what are we doing to achieve that? fighting and violence can never end any conflict. remember the world has suffered two wars and a third war can be fatal.it is the responsibility of our world leaders to come on a common platform and denounce violence.after all they claim to be the representatives of the civilised world. so why dont they take the first step and extend the hand of humanity?if one of my son walks on the wrong path, is it not my responsiility to persuade him to walk on the right path or should i beat him for doing so? the choice is yours. even during india`s freedom movement we had the option of resorting to violence, but then we didn`t. for that we sufered a lot but the day the indian flag was unfurled all pain and suffering was just washed away.remember the world is yours. you as citizens of the world owe great reponsibility towards mother earth. protect her, preseve her.being part of democracy doesnot mean only to cast votes during elections. it means choosing the right from the wrong. choose the right andright things will happen. it is you eho has to decide. take time and think. i know u will take the right decision
I:b..but do you think we can?
medium: why not? every human being has the potential to decide and decide correctly. it is the circumstantial condition which binds him from doing the right thing. dont be a victim to situations. create new oppurtunities and right situations wll come along.
I: mahatma gandhi, if u are granted one wish what it would be and why?
medium:i would want peace, peace of the world and peace of the mind. i think that is the only thing which is lacking today
I: sir it has been total plasure and honour to talk to you. thank you
medium: thank you
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