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by Proxy
Rated: E · Sample · Emotional · #1499043
I wrote spontaneously, not thinking really about the piece just wrote what I felt.
I stepped in shadows, long forgotten
Traveled through a world only in your dreams
It was there I found it.
The lost side, left behind
Scattered to the wind and rain and time.

I picked it up, broken and muddy
Wiped away the grime and dirt.
A feeble glow it shied away
Hiding from the world it knew.

I stepped back, the world colored
The blur and buzz and roar.
To find myself where I started.
The world revolved unchanged.

I trudged back now the road I came
The way less traveled, was traveled less.
I took the breath of stale air.
It had already passed through my chest

I waited on the world to change
I had gone away, abandoned the globe
And still no mourning I received.
I walked on, and on and on.

To a place only in your dreams.
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