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There are things you can never change

It was morning then when I saw her eyes
That made me cozy for a little while
The one that struck me was her beautiful smile
And shook my heart that moment as time would fly

There I was standing next to her as I grinned
For she was the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen
I was into a mystical ardor of telling her the truth
But still had the feeling of her to me being moot

I watched her as she was sitting there from a corner
And if doughnut she is then I am a Homer
Drooling at a standstill, panting like babies
From an exquisite sentiment which my heart carries

We ate for lunch and sought to discover
That my mere passion was of to recover
I thought shooting-stars do not fall in the afternoons
But the God’s are great for they gave me a moon

We talked for hours but it was all minutes for me
For time passes quick when you’re in love to be,
It’s time to go home and still I asked for Cronos
If he’d be giving me more time as a bonus

But still we have to part and end our togetherness
And thought I’m into some of my foolishness
But when I felt that chill I felt for her before
I couldn’t do anything but for me to ask for more

There it began and hoped it never ends
Time is willing and distance bends
I’ll never choose anybody including Lana
Coz I really really want to be with a girl named “Hannah”
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